Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trust me darling

Praveen had been observing that Pooja wore a troubled and haunted look on her face since two months.A sprightly girl she had changed into a silent and morose one often lost in thoughts.Even when they were out on parties, she was ill at ease contrary to her earlier nature of a vivacious and engaging conversationalist with witty repartees and rib tickling anecdotes.She was virtually thronged by the crowd and she enjoyed being a cynosure.But why this sudden change was the question that intrigued Praveen.He had asked her many times.She brushed aside the questions as nothing really,a mild head ache,pressure of work or the usual monthly moods.They were married for five years and both were well employed and were a loving couple with nothing to cause any unpleasantness.

One day she asked him to give her a lakh of rupees saying she needed it for a friend and would return it soon.Praveen readily gave her a cheque without demur but wondered why she asked him as she had ample bank balance with her.He used to taunt her that she was poor in managing her finance despite an MBA as she did not know to put her money for better returns.But a doubt arose where all her money had gone and why she is in want.They generally shared info about their investments. This doubt and the scared look in her face worried him much.But he didn’t want to press her much on this.

A fortnight later he found her bank pass book lying on the table by the side of her handbag.She had evidently forgotten to put it back as she hurried down the stairs to answer the phone.He could not suppress his curiosity to look at the pass book.He was shocked to note that she had withdrawna lump amount and then Rs 10000 every week and that her balance had been wiped out except for the balance of Rs 80000 out of the sum he had given her.He quickly left the passbook where it was as he heard her coming.

He thought about the matter and surmised that she must be under blackmail and that money was being given to buy silence.If it was a loan for a friend she would have paid it immediately in lump sum.He remembered her telling two months back when she finished a phone call that it was from her friend of college days who had been transferred here.There was no mention about him subsequently.Praveen was aware that Pooja was a good girl with strong values in life.She was a loving wife and virtually doted on him.He decided he cannot allow her to be blackmailed by anyone and wished to discuss the matter

It was Sunday night.They had finished their dinner.He was reclining on the sofa. She was busy with her laptop.He called “Pooja, close that laptop and come here.I wish to talk to you.It is ages since we sat together and enjoyed sharing sweet nothings.”

She was startled and he saw a look of apprehension in her face.He stood up and went near her to put his arms around her.”Why do you look scared? You can trust me and tell me whatever is bothering you.You are not the same Pooja since two months.Something is troubling you and the brightness in your face has faded.There is always a hunted look.You can confide in me confidently whatever..I promise you that neither will I take you amiss nor ask you for details.You will have my hundred percent support.Come on, spill it out and be relieved from the weight of secret on your chest”

She replied”What is it you are talking about? There is nothing troubling me at all .I am fine except that I wss slightly unwell.”

“No, Pooja,I can see a fear writ large on your face.I know a little more.The money you took from me is not for any loan to a friend.I promise again that I will not mistake you for whatever you have done or not done in the past.Take me into confidence.” Praveen said

“My friend said she will take the loan a little later.If you wish I can return the money.” she replied

“Tut, tut.There is a limit to your bluffing.I have seen your pass book.Tell me something else.Remember I will be with you through thick and thin.Entertain no fear on that score.You can trust me, darling” Praveen said as he hugged her tightly.

Pooja sobbed inconsolably even as Praveen cajoled and caressed her asking her to stop it.With some gentle promptings she poured out what was weighing heavily in her heart.”That friend about whom you asked one day when I was on phone was actually a college mate.We were in love then and dated regularly.In my indiscretion I exchanged love letters with him.They were very warm in nature though I had not crossed the boundaries.Eversince he had come here he had been threatening me to pay him money under pain of exposure to you of the letters.I was scared of what you would think of me and agreed to pay him.It did not stop with one payment and he repeatedly kept asking.I didn’t know what to do except buying his silence after an assurance everytime that he would not ask any more.I really did’t know how to free myself from his grip. I am spending sleepless nights and shudder at every phone call.”

“Pooja,next time he rings up you can tell him to send the letters to me and that you would not pay a paisa.Rest assured if that blackmailer sends the letters to me, I will hand them over to you without even opening.I am in love with you for what you are now and do not care the indiscretions in your college days.If he persists in troubling you, we can both go together and lodge a compalint.Let me now see your large and beautiful smile on your face” he said even as he gently kissed her on her forehead.


  1. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!it's a surprise!I can relate so well with my post of today.:)
    love,understanding and trust are the magic words that give the strong foundation of a sound marriage!
    good that you have conveyed the right message to the couples.
    how is Delhi?I am really surprised,why don't you write anything about Delhi life.
    wishing you a wonderful evening,

  2. woww...b'ful story..yes, luv n trust are the sole base for ne relation, n u hav described it in such a nice way..gud to read..luckyyy she to hav a guy like Praveen in her life..:)
    nice read..!!!

  3. Wonderful romantic love story :-)
    And a happy end with a BIG kiss.

  4. Pooja was blessed with an understanding person,the best would be to give the culprit to the police so that she gets her money back, why should such culprits enjoy such freedom.
    According to be, trust is the biggest and the most important thing in any relationship, the moment you start doubting the other person, that when you lose them then and there. Coz theres nothing without trust, and theres no use keeping an empty box with so much of care. A person without trust is empty from without, sans emotions, sans life.
    Thanks for the wonderfully thought provoking story :)

  5. what a great love story...:)

    very well narrated. the man was just too forgiving and so loving...:) not all men do...:)

    and that blackmailer! may he rot in hell!

  6. Your reservoir of imagination and surprise never runs dry ha?
    Amazing…ohhh …
    the way you churn out stuff to make us delight in reading them ….

    And good to see another work that’s cool n soft n romantic …

  7. Sweet!! He proved to be a really understanding husband!!

  8. STUPID GAL...SHE SUCCUMBED TO sheer blackmail....they shud both plot a plan to have the guy behind bars!!

  9. That was a good one.. with an understanding husband.. what more should a woman want!

  10. I wonder why Pooja hid the fact from her husband. She could have confided in her husband before things got out of hand. Hmm...alls well that ends well...:)

  11. They were a loving couple, but somehow Praveen could not instill complete confidence in Pooja's mind. :)

  12. Wonderful story KP Sir :-) Gripping've sent across a beautiful message! I liked a lot :-)

    Have a great week ahead!

  13. The past can come up to haunt one at any time. At such a point, its very important to have people around you who understand that past is past and not judge you for your mistakes.

  14. Hi!
    That was a coool story...
    wow,the trust,yes the only foundation in a relationship.

  15. Hello Parth,

    Am sure this is another of your gems. Will be coming back for a better read. Came here to thank you for dropping by my blog ---

    Oh that was a lovely suggestion you made bout creating a separate blog for sketches. Sounds interesting. But do you think that I could handle that in addition to the present one? Lols! Already am having a full plate with this one. :-) Give me one good reason to reconsider. Lols!

    See you around, pal!
    Always take care.
    God bless you and your loved ones.

  16. what sir?
    this delay is unbecoming of you...!!
    whats up?

  17. Wow... a truly wonderful story..^^

  18. wow what a story, exactly after my heart...would love to see the boys with the confidence and trust of Praveen.

  19. Such a lovely story for trust. Keep rocking

  20. Wow! A great story, good one for today's youth!

  21. simple & touching story ...nice

  22. Almost a month and no post? All well?

  23. ehem...
    i think it s long enough ha?

  24. touching tale indeed!! there is not a single soul out there who goes into marriage without any past feelings, what it takes is yur life after all the drama!! Praveen was the best husband and an example!! totally luvd it!!

  25. Your attempt to keep Pooja's character positive made the plot weaker.But then your narration and made amends for it.
    Having such a lot of followers from the fairer sex brings with it some confinement in writing ;)
    Am i right thaatha? :)