Monday, November 22, 2010

Aruna’s faux pas

The telephone rang. Aruna was busy in kitchen.Madhav had gone to gym.

“Is Mr Madhav there? I have been trying his mobile.It is switched off”asked a young lady’s voice
“He is not at home.Who is calling?” asked Aruna

“Tell him that the meeting at the Neelankarai resort is on.He should be there by 8am.Tell him I will be there

”’Does he know about this and the place? What is the purpose of the meeting?”Aruna wanted to know

“You just tell him what I told you now.He knows. We have discussed about this already” the lady at the other end replied

“Any objection in revealing your identity?” Aruna asked with some acerbity in her tone

“None.Tell him Miss Shalini rang”

“Oh, does he know you? Have you met him?”Aruna asked

“I have met him a couple of times at my place” Shalini replied

“What is this meeting about? “ Aruna asked with some curiosity
“Madam, we do not disclose our client’s personal matters.Sorry.”she answered back

“I am his wife. I think I am entitled to know about my husband”said Aruna.She didn’t like that voice.

“Many husbands keep things secret from wives and reveal only when the time is opportune.I cannot divulge unless specifically told.It is professional etiquette” Shalini curtly said

“What is your profession, may I know?”asked the angry Aruna

“I am sorry.Just pass on the information.I would not be able to talk to him again for the whole day.He would be eagerly waiting for this news.We have been trying for long and it could materialise only at this late juncture for tomorrow's meeting.Bye bye” she disconnected.

Madhav and Aruna were married just a year ago.The day after tomorrow is their wedding anniversary..Though they loved each other they were different in many ways.Madhav was a handsome man with a smile at the extremities of his lips.She had to her chagrin observed most females turned back for a second look.He was an extrovert and talked easily to all strangers mostly good looking females in Aruna’s thinking.He had face book account and chatted with many unknown women..

She was a very shy type and reticent by nature.She never befriended starngers and had no facebook account.She would chat only with her parents, sisters and cousins.She had no male friends.Initially she was worried and suspicious whenever a lady rang for Madhav.There was however nothing specific to trigger a doubt.

She somehow did not like this Shalini a wee. bit.Her drawl and unctuous voice irritated her much.She didn’t like the secrecy she tried to invest to the meeting planned for the next day.She believed that office meetings were held in offices or five starred hotels and not in a secluded private resorts.Shalini had also said that she had met him a couple of times on her own admission.Something fishy Aruna felt.

It was past Madhav was watching TV. He pulled her towards him.But Aruna pushed him away and went out.Soon she brought a tray with two large cups. “I wanted to have hot horlicks.I made a cup for you too”.. She did not mention about Shalini’s phone call..When she got up at 6am she found him in deep sleep.She switched off his mobile and kept the receiver of landline off the hook..Aruna smiled with satisfaction when she saw him snoring heavily under sedation. When the clock showed time past 10 am, she kept the receiver properly and switched on his mobile.He woke up at 11am.Being an early riser he was very angry with himself.for being late.

During lunch he asked her whether there was any call.She said none since morning.He tried to ring some numbers. He became pensive and kept quiet.It was around 5 pm he had a call on his mobile and after the call shouted “Aruna, Did Shalini call yesterday and asked you to convey some information.Why didn’t you tell me?Do you know how important it was to me? You have buggered up a good chance.”

“How do I know how important calls from different ladies are to you?.There were three or four calls and most did not reveal their identity when I said you were not there.This Shalini said that you know everything about your meeting at a secluded resort and that you two have also met.She didn’t tell me the purpose of the meeting despite my asking.Why should I facilitate some rendevouz for two love struck people? That is why I added a sedative to your drink"Aruna exploded

“You fool, Do you think Shalini is my secret lover?.Shalini works for a tourism company that owns a private beach resort. I had asked her to book a suite for us from today morning for three days to celebrate our wedding anniversary quietly away from the city and near the beach.All the rooms were booked .She had promised that if there were any cancellations,she would book it for me .I had asked her to keep it a secret as I wanted to surprise you.I never knew that it will misfire like this.You blew it all by your stupidity and suspicion” Madhav spoke in disgust.

Aruna was devastated by this revelation and felt very sorry for suspecting and drugging him.She apologised profusely..Madhav hugged her and pacified her saying that he was only upset for missing the opportunity.

It is a different matter that Shalini could find a room for the couple to celebrate their anniversary.


  1. LOL, well some of us are suspicious, possesive of people we love ;)

  2. foolish woman! she could have asked him straight.. or atleast told him abt the call and tried to find out by herself what could be the reason instead of running into conclusions

  3. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    Lovely Story with a beautiful ending!
    Love and deep love makes one do anything and everything.Simple.
    It's better to introduce the friends to the family.
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  4. Very silly woman :-)
    Love can hurt ....

    Nice written !!

  5. Oh that was sweet. Suspicion can kill relationships.

  6. Such blunders do happen ha?
    But .. . to b frank sir, I just wonder I had read a story of similar plot here…

  7. why don't you put together a book of short stories and have it published..

  8. I think this situation is caused by some contributing factors.

    Aruna being shy and reticent by nature is all fine. But in this day and age, an educated woman should try not to isolate herself from the world around her. Having friends gives you a support system. If she had a friend, she might have been able to discuss her fears and insecurities about Madhav and got some guidance. Taking advantage of the internet gives you exposure and knowledge. Which could have helped her to understand and deal with her insecurities.

    Coming to Madhav - I do not think he is blameless. It was very sweet of him to want to take his wife for a holiday. In that he cannot be faulted for it. But a spouse should be alert to the emotional status of his partner. If Aruna was feeling threatened by 'other women' he should have taken the effort to re-assure her. It would have given Aruna the message that her husband cares for her feelings. After that, it is on trust.

  9. Love gives nothing but itself and takes nothing but from itself.
    You cannot hold on to Love without giving Love.
    Aruna learnt the truth about Love, the hard way !

  10. Trust is the basis of all relationships isn't it? Perhaps she should have asked instead of drugging him but who are we to say anything? We all have behaved foolishly when in love.

  11. Typical case of a married couple where husbands plan something and wives tend to become suspicious giving in to unwarranted thoughts and ideas. Trust should be the key here.

  12. Oh Aruna, what a big fool you don't trust your husband? I surmise you don't love him that much for him to gain your trust or the other way around.

    Or maybe, she loved his husband too much that any hint of going astray is prevented at the first sign of a cold! Lols...that's a commercial.."get Neozep, the total cold specialist!" Kiddo...:-)

    Well narrated story KP, I did not breath from beginning to end.. :P