Saturday, November 6, 2010

Speak in haste,regret in leisure

Lavanya rested a while as the crowd had thinned down.She worked as supervisor in the perfume store in the mal.When she was pondering whether to go for lunch to the restaurant,she suddenly saw Abilash entering her store.They were together in college and were very close friends.She loved him a lot.He looked handsomer, even a bit taller and with his hair well groomed than when she had last seen him four years ago.He too loved her.It was her mistake in forcing him to marry her immediately when he had pleaded some family commitments and wanted some time.She accused him of lacking in sincerity and commitment and used harsh words.He left her without one word.Later she regretted her foolishness and wished to express her regret.But sadly he had left the town to another city for higher studies.There was no contact thereafter.

“Hey Lavanya,I came specially to meet you.I knew you worked here.I came to this city last evening.So how is your anger towards me?” he asked smilingly

“Abhi, how sweet of you to have remembered me.I am extremely sorry for my silly behaviour that day.Since then I have been looking for you to express my regret.But you had left leaving no address.”They shook hands warmly holding one another for long.

“Oh it does not matter.I really had some pressing family responsibilities and could not propose to you then.Much water has flown under the bridge since then.Are you married?” he asked

There was a flutter in her heart.She still had the same attraction for him and hoped he had come to express his also.She then saw a tiny parcel in his hand from the jewelers adjacent to her shop.

She said “No,I have not married. Are you married? What is that parcel you have.?”

“No,Not yet.I want you to see the content in the box and tell me whether it is nice and you like it” he replied

When she opened the tiny red velvet box, she found a cute diamond ring with one stone sparkling in blue colour.There was a palpitation in her heart and the warm blood rushed all over the body.I Is he proposing to me after the long wait, she wondered

“yes, it is very cute.I love it” she could hardly speak

“Thank you,Lavanya.Just wanted to make sure that the ring is appealing”he said with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile in his lips

“Is it for me,Abhi? she asked expectantly

“Sorry, it is for my fiance.I thought you would not wait for me after that quarrel and your insistence that day.”


  1. Sad story. Teaches one not to utter words in haste and wait till eternity to patch up.

  2. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    Diwali is the time life brightens with lights of hope,prayers and love.Why Abhi has to ask Lavanya's opinion?
    To create suspense in the minds of readers?
    Lovely names,Partha!
    Wishing you a beautiful night,

  3. that is just mean of him to come and rub in the fact that he is engaged.

    People make mistakes but that doesnt give the other the right to torture them.

    Interesting story though :-)

  4. Haaa,,, that’s a remarkable title.. liked it a lot…
    even if you hadnt written this story, this title would have sufficed

  5. love can be I dont understand her...he came to meet her after such a long time, to show her if the ring the ring he got for his fiancee good enough lolz...some people can be mysteriously evil:))

  6. hm...a nice twist in the tale...but the story also shows the 'ego clash 'there from abhi's side;he intentionally seemed to hurt her!

  7. Wow gud story..teaches everyone a lesson..

  8. It is a sad story. People do make mistakes. No need to make them feel more bad by flaunting our fortune...

    If you have time, visit my blog too. I dont write as well as you do..but passable I hope.

  9. Poor Lavanya, all the waiting was in vain. He could have found out about her details before committing to another person.But it is a story, is it not?

  10. Uhm...cant blame him either...we really doesnt know, how badly he was hurt with her harsh words years back...Maybe he was really hurt and his now fiance might have been his then supporter...we never know...

    Moreover, here, it was not lavanya who went looking for him to show her regret...if she had done that, some sympathy could have gone to, she made a mistake and then a bigger mistake by not trying to rectify it...So, has to undergo the outcome...

    Best is...find somebody!!! A bit harsh, but the truth...

  11. She just assumed that the ring was for her . I think she makes her decisions in haste - first pressurizing him for an early marriage and second assuming that the ring was for her.
    Good that they are not together ,it would have never worked out because Abilash is not or was never in love with her - you intentionally don't hurt someone you once loved no matter what.
    Nice story Partha !

  12. Nice story, Parthasarathy! Very well written. Though I felt sad for the girl, for a minute, then thought the boy has done the right thing.

    This is the best title for the story, as Kavita says!

  13. ooooh ouch, that was cruel of him, he got his revenge. Why would he seek her out for the express purpose of doing such a thing. He is indeed petty. He could have left it alone and go along his way. Sad that he felt the need to be malicious. She may feel bad but I dare say, she is better off.

    Nicely written. I expected such an ending from

  14. nice story it gives us a lesson always think before speak