Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who did it?

“Amma, I am always feeling that someone is talking to me and telling me to do this or that.Even when I am in the school listening to the teacher, I hear someone talking to me.I am scared amma” said Anasuya to her mom.

Her mom with a concerned look put her arms around her shoulders and said softly“Don’t be worried.It is just a mental fear, a hallucination like.I will take you to a tantric and he will tie a rope on your wrist.The fear would vanish immediately”

“Amma, it is not only someone talking.I always feel somebody standing by my side always.I can even feel the warmth of his breath.It is scary.i did not tell you all these days afraid you will think I am getting insane and get scared.But it is unbearable.”the girl said amidst sob.

“Anasuya, do not sit alone.Be always in the hall.Watch TV and tell some prayers. I will ask appa to take you to a doctor for giving some tranquilisers.Have this vibhooti (sacred ash) on your forehead” said her worried mother though she put up a brave face.

“It is not when I am alone.Even now when I am with you I can feel someone nudging me” she said

“Where, nobody is here” said her mom as she waved her arm around the girl.”I think Pinkoo your cat you are fond of is always with you most of the time snuggling by your is that only that gives you such a feeling. Appa will be a little late from office today.I will ask him to take you to aTantric and doctor tomorrow.Don’t be afraid.Sit by my side in the sofa while we watch TV” she comforted her

The clock struck nine.”Amma, I am feeling sleepy.Let me sleep.” Anasuya said

“Why don’t you sleep with me?I will ask your dad to sleep in your room tonight”her mom said

“No, no.I am alright.Pinkoo is also by my side.Don’t worry”the girl said.Her mom covered her with bedsheet and put the night lamp after adjusting the fan.She slightly closed the door and left her to sleep

When Anasuya’s dad came later her mom expressed the urgent need to take her to a doctor.She said “I am worried about her hallucinations.There is a scared look in her face.You must take her to the doctor the first thing in the morning.”

It was 6 am there was a scream from Anasuya’s room.Her mom and dad rushed in to see Anasuya shrieking like a mad girl.The bed was soaked in blood with a kitchen knife stuck deeply on Pinkoo.When she saw her mom she came running to her and clasped her and started crying and telling her “Amma, Please do not look at me like that. I did not kill Pinkoo.It is the someone who I told you was always around me.He is not there now .I think he has run away like a coward”
"How did the kitchen knife come here"asked her mom
"I kept it with me for use in case someone touched me"replied the girl

Her dad gently put his arm around Anasuya and said “Come, let us go to see a doctor”

“Appa, I did not do anything.Why do you take me to a doctor?”she cried

Her mom was sobbing inconsolably as her husband dragged the unwilling child towards the car


  1. Very Nicely expressed. Its a sorry state, I had a friend who was suffering from psezophenia, but heres was not on an extreme.
    I hope and pray that no one goes through it ever!

  2. *nails biting* want to know what happened next

  3. interesting and brings out psychological disorders into perspective. a lot of people undergo this but are not aware of it.

  4. Some people who go through this problem, hesitate to confide with their family and the family hesitates to treat them openly, fearing about the rebukes from their relatives. Sacary, though!

  5. OH my god...

    I sincerely hope the girl gets ok

    I hope you are writing the next part to it ..

    I have seen this a few times because of the nature of my job, it is quiet frightening sometimes


  6. Nicely written! Scary situation for both the girl and the parents.

  7. Touching story. Hope you will give a part II to it.

  8. Excellent stuff…
    A story gets 5 stars I guess when the readers made to sit at the edge of the seat and made to nail bite until the next chapter is read…
    You have done it…
    Is she a schiso? I don’t think so…lets see anyway..

  9. When parents notice strange behavioural pattern in their child, instinctively, their first reaction is to be angry and irritated and tend to rationalise.Without the parents'intervention, the problem could escalate.
    In Anasuya’s case, were the parents too late?
    The author has cleverly left it to the imagination of the readers. Great!

  10. Fantastic story Sir :-)
    Poor poor girl !!!

    Nice to see a cat shot on your blog

    Have a wonderful evening
    Kareltje =^.^=

  11. This was amazing.. i loved the narration.. hats off to you!

    the story had my full concentration till the end.. thanks for such a gripping one!

  12. That's scary stuff --- disorders of the mind.

  13. This reminds me of a recent tragedy in a neighborhood...

    A boy of 17 tried to rape a girl of 19, then was knifed to death accidentally...the boy was suspected to be high on drugs...

    But your story, is some kind of mental problems...the earlier the better for parents to consult a doctor before things get out of hand.