Sunday, November 14, 2010

A secret well preserved

Mahadevan had four sons and two daughters.His three brothers were IAS officers and retired from high government positions.One son is an IAS and working as joint secretary .Two sons had done B.Tech in IIT and have obtained management diploma from IIMs.They were recruited in the campus by top notch companies and working in managerial positions.Talent seemed to run high in his familiy with two daughters being doctors with MD,DM to their credit.Only one thing has been worrying Mahadevan.His youngest son Suresh did not evince much interest in academics and after his commerce degree entered in stock broking profession.But he showed keen acumen in business related areas and became highly successful stockbroker.He had no interest or knowledge in any matter other than stocks and movement of prices..

He was also different from his other children.He was fair and tall unlike the others with their medium height and dark complexion.Though income wise he did better than his other siblings ,Mahadevan would have liked Suresh also in high government or private service.But he was discreet enough not to give vent to his disappointment.

It was then he went to Mumbai to attend a wedding of relative’s son.There he chanced to meet his old friend Mansukh bhai of Bangalore days.They were so happy to see each other after more than two decades.Mansukh insisted on Mahadevan visiting his home to meet his family members over a lunch.

When Mahadevan went the next day to his sprawling apartment in Sion, he was received with great warmth.When both friends retired to a separate room after the lunch, they exchanged the happenings during these long years.Mansukh had made big in his family business of coal trading and his sons save the last were in it. Mahadevan came to know that Mansukh also had a large family of three sons and three daughters.The daughters were married off to rich business families.The first two sons after graduation took to business like a duck to water.The last one Ajit however was bright in studies did his IIT and obtained a doctorate in aeronautical science.Mahadevan had already observed that Ajit was different from his brothers and sisters being dusky in colour unlike his fair and tall brothers.It did not fail to strike Mahadevan at the similarity in the two families with one child being very mcuh unlike the others.

As they were conversing Mahadevan pointed out this odd feature to his friend..It was then Mansukh suddenly asked “Maha, when was your youngest born?”

“Why do you ask?It was in Feb87, 16th “ mahadevan replied

“Oh my son Ajit was also born on the same day at Kamaladevi hospital in Bangalore.You had also visited our home after a fortnight”

“Could this coincidence be possible.Suresh was also born at the same hospital on the same day around 10PM” said Mahadevan

“Oh oh, Ajit was born at 9.45pm. I am pretty sure now that they had mixed up the babies.I lshifted to Mumbai after a month to look after the business when my dad died.It was too early to notice the difference.” said Mansukh

Mahadevan said”Let us not rake this up at this distant will create only mental trauma.Let the secret die with us, my good friend.”

“I agree with you totally.Luckily both the boys are healthy and doing very well in their fields.Let us accept it as God’s will” agreed Mansukh bhai


  1. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    Unpleasant truths should not be revealed.Unbelievable facts;but it happens.
    a different theme;interesting story.
    Wishing you alovely night,

  2. Quite interesting one. Good they decided to keep it to themselves. They understood the consequences and what is the point in revealing the truth so late.

  3. Well i am going to be diplomatic.. :)

    i guess it works both way keeping quiet is good since so much time has gone by ..

    but on other hand it would not do any harm since both boys are grwon up and educated they will understand the chaos and THis might be a good thing.. BOth gain TWO SETS Of parents instead of just one :)


  4. Interesting story. Some things are better left unrevealed.

  5. My mother tells me that my brother got exchanged with a south Indian family and as they were taking him, my father stopped them on time. The woman was ammas neighbour in the ward....I still shudder at the thought coz I love my brother a lot!