Thursday, August 1, 2013

Owning the blame

I heard the boisterous laughter and the cacophony of voices of the children as I neared my class IV.
It dropped to pin drop silence the moment I entered the class.After taking the attendance I started writing on the black board when a paper ball hit my back.
I turned round towards the class and asked "Who did it?"
None answered but I could see the suppressed glee in their eyes and muffled smiles
"The whole class will stand till the guilty one confesses" I ordered
Five minutes passed .There was no sign of relenting from the kids. I glared at the defiant small kids.
An eight year old Sundar stood up and said "I did it, Miss.I am sorry. You can punish me"
As I went near him with the cane in hand, a girl adjacent to his row shrieked “No, he did not do"
"Why did you then confess to an act if you are not guilty?" I asked the boy
He kept silent. I prodded him gently to come out with the truth.
He turned to Sunita, who had come to his support and said" She is in acute pain due to a boil in her leg. As none confessed, I could not bear her suffering in pain anymore by standing"
I patted him on his shoulder overwhelmed by his chivalry and said Good boy, you have set an example. All of you are excused and can now sit down"
A meek voice from a sobbing Avinash was heard from the last bench " Excuse me, Miss.I do not wish Sundar to take blame for my wrongful act. I promise I will not do again."

I broke into laughter when the whole class joined me.


  1. Good One KP! Can well imagine the class and the teacher. Hmm back after a rather long break and hopefully armed with great stories!

  2. Very good story! Happy to see you back, Partha Sir!

  3. If people follow some lessons learned in their schools and apply it in real life, we will have a much better society. Good to read a story like this.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Interesting psyche , kids have.
    Guess you are back after a brief hiatus.

  5. Very cool and interesting, I laughed and laughed..

  6. Very cool.. I laughed and laughed.. Thank you for that...

  7. Well...good story. IV grade kids do that these days??? God!

  8. Glad to see your post again!Very nice one, children's minds are like sponge, they absorb good or bad very fast, this story can be told to kids.

  9. Loved the story! Alas do we see such nice and conscientious kids anymore? Maybe I have become cynical.

  10. nice story
    lot to learn from kids here

  11. Really enjoyed reading this..
    kids are just unique in their own ways :)

  12. Now this is wonderful writing style.... saying much with so little. You do so well in this special writing niche you have chosen for yourself. I am looking forward to reading more of such treasures in your blog. Truly a pleasure.

    Have a pleasant weekend.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  13. Hmmm.. yeah , this can happen only eith adults we tend to learn many dirty tricks

  14. after a long time... a short and awesome post...

  15. Truth comes out through compassionate acts! The best way for it to reign! Nice to see you back to writing! I was beginning to miss your posts!