Friday, March 7, 2014

55 Word Fiction

His pride,others'envy
Being a cynosure of all eyes, even married men covet me.
They bend backwards to win me.
Many come eagerly to have me only to get rejected ruthlessly.
Finally I settle for the best, his pride and others' envy.
But I will surely desert him if he doesn't deserve me
I am Wimbledon men’s cup

He was rejected. This was his 15th interview
Disappointed he bought four packets of rat poison
Declined dinner, lay on bed and was watching ceiling aimlessly
Mom came and asked “Why are you morose?
You will get next time, don’t worry. Did you get what I asked you?
Yes, kept four packets on table.

The wink                                                                      
We were waiting for coffee at Coffee Day.
I saw a man winking at my wife
“Do you know him?”
“No” even as he winked again
“Tell me truth.”
When she affirmed, I grabbed his collar
He winked at me and pushed my hands
When I was about to hit, he repeatedly twitched his eyelashes 
Write Tribe Festival of Words 3 - Day 6 -55W Fiction


  1. Liked the diverse plots you chose. The second one is my favorite!!
    LOL @ the poor winking guy :D

  2. Brilliant 55ers :) Loved the first one!

  3. Loved the second one the most. Well written stories. The twist of each is brilliantly executed.

  4. The twists are fab .... loved the second one :)

  5. Once again great 55 s'. One was the best, followed by 2 and 3. Admire the way you think KP!

  6. KP fine ones. 2nd one is superb.

  7. Nice ones :) Loved the twist in the end...

  8. Too good, the best small ones I have ever come across!

  9. Wooooow...Visiting your blog first time & mst say U r a brilliant writer! :)
    Unexpected twists in each of the stories...last one gave me goosebumps....
    Astonished to see sch a long list of blogs as ur Blog List! Hats off to U!

  10. The Wimbeldon cup is a coveted one.
    Loved the third one the most.

  11. Very nice ones .. I like the second one the best :)

  12. Fantastic Twists KP. Enjoyed all three. The second one was too clever. :)

  13. Great stories expressed in few words! Wonderful 55 words :)

  14. The things we sacrifice for fame! Wonderful fiction!

  15. Loved them all.. rat poison.. haha. And the poor winking man.

  16. nice twist in the end in all three! second one actually made me think he was gonna suicide! Phew!

  17. These short stories with all hues and shades made an interesting read.. Loved them all..:) In third story, I felt bad for the winking guy.. It might have been very embarrassing for the couple too..

  18. I just loved and loved the first one.. Super.. And the second one too :)

  19. The first one is epic. The rest makes for pleasurable read, of course, high voltage drama on the street:)

  20. Mischievous writer at his best again. Loved all of them. Sonia