Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Divine help

The morning paper no doubt carried the usual forecast of the meteorological department about the likely light to heavy showers in the evening. Yet when Vasantha left her house to do some urgent shopping, the sky was very clear with no indication of any rain. As she finished her purchases and came out of the large super market, it was raining heavily. Most of the customers were waiting in the portico for the rain to subside. The wind was chilly and strong. But it did subside after an hour when the roads by then were flooded with water. She luckily saw a bus to her destination crawling opposite to the supermarket in the inevitable jam. She ran towards it and got into the crowded bus. She breathed a sigh of relief that she would be back in her home within thirty minutes. The bus started moving slowly and the rains also commenced again with greater fury. The road was filled knee deep with water. She could see many cars stranded after they broke down. It looked hours as the bus inched its way towards the destination. She regretted her decision to go out despite the warning of a possible rain as she also wondered who ever attached importance to the weather predictions of the department.
The bus stopped at a stop that was about half a mile away from her house. It was raining cats and dogs. The conductor urged her to get down quickly. There were no trees nearby except a transformer. The bus stop was just adjacent to the transformer. It was getting dark. The road was dimly lit. She was afraid to wade through the knee deep water with a heavy parcel in her hand. She was apprehensive of open man holes that she had seen earlier.. There was not a soul in sight. No auto rickshaws could be seen. It was those days when mobile phones were not in use. She got really nervous though a brave lady by nature. When things looked so formidable with no ray of hope, people turn to god. She too prayed intensely to her ishta devatha Lord Guruvayurappan, the presiding deity of Guruvayur to help her reach home. Tears were trickling from her eyes as she continued the prayer amidst the unrelenting rain. Her clothes were drenched and legs started aching.
It was then a rickshaw puller appeared before her as if from no where and shouted at her “Have you gone mad, Amma, standing under a transformer in this heavy rain? Are you not educated enough? Get in quickly. I will drop you.”
She asked him” My house is in 2nd cross street three streets away. How much do you want?”
He laughed saying “What a foolish woman you are asking me such a question in such a situation? You give whatever you feel like. This is not the time to bargain. Get in fast”
He dropped her soon at her house and pocketed the money she gave him without even looking at it to know how much she had given. Vasantha sincerely believed that it was Lord Guruvayurappan Himself who had answered her prayers for no rickshaw puller in sane mind would be dragging the vehicle in such a downpour in that desolate road..
The air was cold and it was still raining heavily as Vasantha stood watching at her saviour fading away from her eyes at a distance in the dark road.


  1. Very devotional and delightful at the end ..:)

  2. Dear Partha,
    i felt so happy to see LORD GURUVAYOORAPPAN'S photo in your post.my amma n all of us have similar experiencesin life.we don't know in which form GOD appears before us.
    sincere and heartfelt prayers will be always answered.i'm so happy to read your post and the caption is simply beautiful.
    MAY LORD GURUVAYOORAPPAN shower HIS blessings on you n your family.
    i'm so happy to be born to pious parents and to live in a village near GURUVAYOOR.
    happy blogging........

  3. God Is Really Kind :D Excellent Post :D Thanks A Lot For Sharing :)

  4. KP,
    Its true that god comes to each and everyone,irrespective of any caste or even if we dont believe in him,To every human he comes and forwards his helping hand,one who holds it may not realize it was the almighty who has extended this hand .He who acknowledges it in a humble manner and realise the victory as his grace rather than ones own talent makes him the real Human.

  5. Very nice sir. God does come like common man. Some common men do behave like God at times. Good one.

  6. deva o deva..god truly comes to the rescue of those who help themselves...a courageous woman who took that leap towards home and was safely delivered to her abode.

    Where were you?

  7. Its a nice story...I hpe there are more human being like this auto puller who dont take undue advantage of such situations.
    :)Have a great day ahead!!!

  8. Hare Krishna !!!

    No twists here.. A straight and quick response from the omnipresnt Lord..

    Nice to see the image of Lord of Guruvayur which will be viewed by all who visit your site..

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  10. This reminds me of a personal incident that happened in my life when i was still in school. It was the day when the riots happened in cbe and me and my mom were stranded in middle of the chaos.We were within the radius of 1km from the blast spot and we were at a pretty fair distance from home.An auto wala came to our rescue who was heading in the same direction of our home.I am realizing its significance now and i thank the almighty and the auto driver for the timely help.
    Thanks for the post young man ;)

    I had to do some corrections in my earlier comments.I had to delete it since i realized my mistake only after i spilled the beans ;)

  11. Hare krishna!!

    This story is still fresh in my mind :-) But loved reading it.

    Guruvaaurappa pic is really beautiful :-)

  12. Parthasarathi, if I live to be 80, I will tell my grand-children and great grand-children, this 'story'.

    How can I ever forget this?

    All I can say is "Thank you,...." Yes,
    Krishna comes.

  13. Yes, God appears before us in the required form to lift us from difficulties. The Nature is full of wonders and mysteries which Science cannot unravel or has not yet unravelled.
    Sree Guruvayoorappan's charisma his devotees go on experiencing favourably.Thank you for this post.That much I believe in Him.May He and His blessings always be with you and your family.