Sunday, August 16, 2009

Teacher's recompense

Suneeta was asked by the principal to handle class V that year as Mrs. Alexia who was in charge of this class had resigned.Suneeta found she had one problem boy in her class. She has been in this school for years and never had seen like this child. Kartik was a shy, intelligent and well behaved student. But he paid no attention to what was being taught. She had to call his name thrice or even more whenever she had a question for him. He was always lost in thoughts. He did not mingle with other boys and girls even during play time. Always morose no one had seen him smile. The other children understandably ignored him. He came to the school in shabby and unpressed clothes. His hair always needed a cut. He wore a much used pair of shoes that needed a replacement. Naturally this disinterest in studies reflected in his performance and he stood at the bottom of the class. Her initial attempts to reprimand the boy by punishments brought no improvement except a hurt in his eyes.Suneeta was a sincere and hard working teacher. She could not admit defeat in the case of this boy who was otherwise normal.
It was by accident that one Sunday she met Mrs. Alexia in the market. When she broached about this boy to her, Alexia’s eyes became misty as she narrated his story. Kartik was actually the brightest boy in her class, very jovial and a natural leader. He was her favourite child. It all changed when he lost his mother in class IV. .His dad whom she had seen once was a good for nothing drunkard. He took no interest in this only child of his and brought a woman to live with him. She too did not take kindly to the boy and made him work for long hours.Mrs Alexia felt sorry that she could not help the boy as much as she wanted as she had to leave the school.
Suneeta was moved by his sad story. She changed her approach to the boy. She spoke lovingly and encouragingly to him. She could win his confidence only gradually. She shared her lunch with the boy on occasions. She spent more time with him to bring him up to the level of his class. She persuaded the school management to extend scholarship to him and out of the money bought new dresses and shoes. Her love and compassion paid dividends when he started scoring high marks and was the second in the final examination.
On the last day all children brought the teacher gifts wrapped in multi coloured papers in ribbons of assorted colours.Kartik too brought one in a used envelope tied loosely with a twine. She opened it first and saw a pair of cheap ear tops. He said this was his dear mom’s and had saved it from others eyes. He said he had nothing else to give her and pleaded with her to accept the same. She instantly removed the pair she was wearing and wore the one gifted by him. For the first time she saw his face wore a large smile.
Years rolled by and Kartik she learnt was in a college doing MCA. He kept in touch with her once a while always thanking her for her affection and love that filled the void created by his mom’s demise.Suneeta was happy that her efforts to give him confidence, motivation and the love he missed when he was young had worked wonders. She was thankful to god that she realized in time the power that teachers had in imaginatively moulding the lives of the wards under them
It was year later that she got a phone call from Kartik requesting her to accompany him for the University Convocation. She wore his mom’s ear tops he had presented her when he was in class V for the special occasion knowing she was filling his mom’s place. Her joy knew no bounds when he was declared University topper.
Tears started flowing from her eyes when he hugged her and cried “Miss, you had lifted me from the gloom that enveloped me. It is only your steady affection and the efforts to teach me that made a man of me. I see in you my late mom. But for you I would have been a wastrel.”
The thought occurred in Suneeta’s mind that it was only Kartik who opened her eyes to the true role of a teacher. He quietly removed from his coat pocket a jewel box containing dazzling and costly pair of ear studs and implored her to accept this token of his love and gratitude..


  1. Thatha, Its A Very Heart Touching, Inspiring Motivating Story :D

    My Eyes Filled With Tears While I Was Reading This :D

    I Remembered, Taare Zameen Par Movie :D Its More Or Less Same :D Thanks A Lot For Sharing :D

  2. A heartwarming story sir...deeply moving one. The comment above has said what all I thought of saying including the movie TZP :-)

    Great inspiring work! Keep them coming!!

  3. Dear Partha,

    Very compassionate and touching one..!

    Teachers play a vital role in shaping up one's life ..You reminded me of their efforts..Kudos ..!

    Thank you sharing sharing ..:)

  4. dear partha,
    i enjoyed reading your post.righly conveyed,teachers mould and influence our lives a lot!this can be a dedication post on september 5th,for all teacehrs!
    i know how the lives have been changed by the kind gestures of my parents!many kartiks have been brought to the brighter side of life!
    great,partha,you n your stories are inspiring:)
    and each day i remind myself,having noble n simple friend like you make a difference!:}
    happy blogging..........

  5. Dear Sir,

    A moving story sir!

    Very nice!

    Often elders forget to realize that by approaching the kids with love they can imbibe confidence in them and by approaching with respect they can create a sense of dignity in the children.

    I still remember two of my teachers
    who were like that to me!

    I am hit by nostalgia after reading this story.

  6. Really good story sir, i wonder if there are any in my life, yes there is one teacher i like her very much. But none had made such an impact as the teacher in the story in the boy in the story.

  7. awesome story partha...blessed is the teacher who went out of her way to find out more about the boy and took special teachers play so much of a role in shaping who we are today...they truly make a world of a difference in our little lives.

  8. A very touching story Sir.. Every child is special and it takes a sincere and expert eye to spot the talent in each one..