Thursday, August 27, 2009

A vital clue

I remember I was in an intensive care unit after what they told me was a massive heart attack. I was fully conscious and aware of the many tubes attached to me. I was not afraid of death. My wife had pre deceased me. My daughters are well settled and well provided for. I was only worried about the various large amounts that I had kept with my three friends. I must confess it was not clean money. I have not been very honest as a politician though I was a small fry in the hierarchy. But the system allowed us all to make our riches.
Having made adequate wealth, I became tired of the lies, threats, deceits and even manhandling involved in this business. I wanted to settle down to a peaceful life spending quality time with my grand children. I wished to collect all the dues and donate them to various charitable causes to atone for my errant ways. But I could discern that my friends were reluctant to part easily with the money entrusted in their care. I knew that I had the clout and the musclemen to force them to pay. They were also aware of this as I had already set in motion the process with mild threats. It was then this wretched heart attack intervened with my plan. I had wisely as forethought hid in my pocket the scrap of paper where I had scribbled their names and the amounts they owed me.
It was past mid night. The nurses had all retired to their work area after their late rounds. I saw a shadow moving surreptitiously in my room a bit late as it pulled a couple of tubes from my nose and mouth. I started gasping for breath and could not shout however much I tried. I felt I was out of my bed and could easily go to the nursing station. I tried to convey my predicament but they went on with their chores oblivious of my presence.
I saw my nurse then go into my room and coming out with a shriek. Soon there were doctors and some people in uniform possibly from police to catch possibly the burglar. The police were carefully searching me and the windows looking for clues of the burglar. I was uneasy till one of the inspectors rummaged through my dress in the cupboard and took the scrap of paper. He showed it to my daughters before carefully keeping it in his pocket. I saw my daughters weeping though I was not aware of the reason. They made no attempt to talk to me. Soon I saw a stream of leaders of my party and friends visiting my room silently with flowers and garlands. The three friends to whom I had given my money were also there with over sized wreaths and shedding tears. I saw them giving each other meaningful glances.
It was only when my daughters fell over me and wept inconsolably I realized that I was no more alive and that I cannot communicate with them. I was disappointed at my failure to recover my money for distribution to noble causes. It was when I heard one policeman telling the other they had a vital clue to crack the case, I was greatly relieved


  1. Neat...this was a cool story.
    So much stressed out with money, even on his death bed...thank god for the policman, the old man finally took a breath of relief...or else, given a chance..wud have fought with the death God and tried to re enter his body!!

    I love the way you created all the suspense with the burglar and the death scene happening simultaneously...u definitely keep ur readers holding their breath gasping for coming here every night before going to bed....thanks once again :)

  2. hmm politicians at there best :) Nice one!

  3. hmm politicians at there best :) Nice one!

  4. Very spooky feeling to read a story written by a ghost !!

  5. That was neat. I liked the ghost's narration. Somehow reminded me of the "The Testament' by John Grisham. Wonderful! :)

  6. Wow! Great one sir! Hope the police officers don't strike a deal with the three friends!

  7. Fantastic story! As Vish said it gives a spooky feeling....

    Keep churning out such stories sir!!!