Friday, August 21, 2009

A timely wit

It was past seven in the evening and was getting dark. The young woman was waiting for the bus for more than an hour. Only one bus plied in this route and that too once an hour. It was a desolate place. Three wheelers were whizzing past without stopping. What started as a drizzle soon became a windy rain. The bus stand was open on all sides with a cover only on the top. There was a middle aged man sitting in the middle of the stand on the platform of a pillar. Not well dressed, unshaven, he had tinted glasses.
She asked him’ Sir, When did the last bus go? Will it be more than an hour?
He replied “I do not think any bus left in the last two hours. I have been sitting here for long. It should come any time. Don’t worry”
As she was getting nervous, a drunken young man came to the stop and stood close to her smoking a cheap beedi and blowing smoke at her. It appeared to her from the way he was staring at her, it was not safe to stay here long. She didn’t know what to do. The smell of cheap liquor and his continuous blabber made her move closer to the middle aged man.

He said loudly “Don’t worry, young lady, I am here by your side. I can take care of you. We both are waiting for the same bus.”
Hearing this drunk moved away from the shelter in the rain. She said “Thank you Sir, I could not stand the stench of liquor and the smoke from that man. He was also edging towards me. Fortunately your words scared him away. I am indebted to you.”
He said “Tut, tut, what is the big thing in this? You would be like my younger sister.”
It was then the long awaited bus screeched to a halt. When she clambered on the steps, she looked behind. The middle aged man was walking slowly towards the bus feeling the way with his white stick. She asked the driver to hold on till the blind man climbed. When he was on the steps she lent her support and made him sit in the one seat that was available. Her eyes became misty with gratefulness for his resourcefulness and presence of mind despite his handicap..


  1. Blind men are incredibly sensitive, i have heard to their surroundings. It was another matter that this man was also sensitive to the need of the hour. Another Great story partha

  2. dear partha,
    your story is really interesting.this has always happened with us,partha;but GOD takes care.some strangers become the good samaritans!
    keep writing.........before going to sleep you give values to carry daily.:)
    thanks a lot!

  3. Hey...that's a lovely story which proves that handicaps are not really handicaps. If you know what i mean...i am sure you do,....:)

  4. Great:) I thought hes gona tell us something bout his sister next.

  5. very nice story sir. The blind man's presence of mind is admirable!

  6. A very interesting one KP!! Despite the old man being visually challenged, he had a sharp presence of mind to come to the lady's rescue!!

  7. This was one twist that I thoroughly enjoyed.. I was actually expecting the good samaritan to turn into a villan :))
    Guess, you caught me with a wrong one....

  8. dat was touchin...:) n u hav xpressd it very very well...
    Sir, U really need 2 publish a book full of ur short stories wid diff wud b gr8...
    Take care...

  9. The doosra :) Just like vishy thought i was thinking that the middle aged man would turn out to be the villain :)

  10. for any human to stand up for one another, its a salute...i really feel like saluting this blind man...he was the perfect gentleman.
    ur picture actually gave away bit of the story.