Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life is not a level playing field

This is different from the usual stories that I post..Please do not mind.
Not all of us are born with silver spoon in our mouths. Most are born in poor or in not so well to do families. The rich wallow in affluence not knowing what hardship is like while the latter wade through their lives constantly fighting battles to lead a life of dignity without having to struggle for their next meal. The choice of being born rich or poor is not in our hands. It is all destined by fate or god as you may wish to call raising a question why life has not been made fair for all. It is an unalterable fact that world is imperfect offering no level playing field. The gifted and deprived live side by side. This is not only true among the people but also in every aspect of the universe. Some countries are prosperous endowed with abundant natural resources while a few are in arid land or deserts where nothing of value can grow or be found. Some have population disproportionately small to their plentiful natural wealth while the others have too many people for too little of natural resources. Even within a country some parts are flourishing with people enjoying a higher standard of living, health and literacy while other parts are burdened with poverty, illiteracy and diseases. The leaders in some places are capable and good while it is not always so in many places. One can be born in any region, in any gender, tall or short, weak or strong, good looking or ugly, fair or dusky. Life is not supposed to be fair to all. It is impossible to make all men and women identical in all respects. Life is a game of cards where one is dealt with a different hand or cards and asked to play the game. You win or lose based on how well you play and may lose even when you play well.
Instead of cursing our fate for the misery in our lives and complaining about what is wrong with life, we should accept the fact that differences persist from one to the other and endeavour to overcome the difficulties. There is little point in cursing the fortunate few all the time and endeavouring to bring them down to the lower level instead of combating the hardships and working one’s way up. Self pity is the last thing one should indulge in. This does not mean that the society we live in should ignore these imperfections and perpetuate the differences. The society or the government should make conditions congenial for the hapless and provide scope for improvement of their lot by positive discrimination to the extent possible. The laws of the land must be equal for all and should not favour the rich and hurt the poor. That is the reason why our constitution provides that there will be no discrimination against any citizen on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, and place of birth or any of the m.
Despite these the handicaps one is born with continues to dog thro one’s life until overcome by diligent efforts. When one accepts the crude fact that life isn’t fair, two scenarios unfold .If the person belongs to the fortunate few, he will develop a compassion for those not well placed. He or she would be motivated to help others overcome their difficulties though voluntary efforts. He would also motivate others like him to do likewise. It is the same philosophy that motivates the rich countries to assist the poor countries thro aid, grants and easier trade terms to remove poverty. The same is true of individuals too who through philanthropy attempt to level the playing field. On the other hand the hapless many to whom life hasn’t been fair accepts the inevitability of the inherent imperfections and stops bemoaning their lot and work courageously to surmount the difficulties. Many developing countries have become wealthy nations by dint of hard work. Likewise many individuals have become rich by dint of hard work. There is no open sesame except sustained effort to upgrade oneself and improve one’s position. The lives of an Abraham Lincoln or a Dhirubhai Ambani or many of the businessmen and industrialists who from humble stations in life have made it to the top are lessons for the poor not to get traumatized by the disadvantages but to work hard to succeed in life.


  1. A very thought provoking post, inDEED! :)

  2. KP!! A very thought provoking write up!! Its true that not everyone is born lucky or with a silver spoon. But what's important is that one should learn to accept their lives as it is. Some may have all the money but may not be blessed with happiness necessarily. While those blessed with the same may not have wealth in plenty. God tends to balance life out in a way that many fail to see. Count your blessings becomes an integral aspect here.

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!

  3. i made it here sir ..
    thank you for those words....

    but i think, you do more regularly and with better classy touch n experince ..

    it has a lot to do with your karma theory i guess ...
    it doesnt matter on what topic you write, you leave your mark

  4. Life is not fair; agreed. However, as you have said one ought to try to manage by what life offers.

    Why life is not fair, is a different topic. At times it is result of karma; at times it is a test.

    What if the law of the land is not fair? What if the parents one is born to are cruel? What if one does not get a fair chance to success in life? You can still hold on to happiness in your heart. Sometimes difficult, but possible almost always.

    Cheers :) Have a nice day, Parthasarathi.

  5. You have rightly said that there are and will continue to be differences which come naturally. Call it Karma or call it consequences of our actions, the differences are there to stay.

    You have also rightly asked people who are having a disdvantage to not bemoan their situation. And the priveleged to care and share.

    Our scriptures have gone deeper into this and recommended people to make efforts to come out of this cycle and imbalance by surrendering themselves to the Lord.

    Thanks for this post which pushes people to think and act rather than react to circumstances.

  6. Dear Partha,
    There are no short cuts to interesting post as usual.Dhirubai Ambani is one of the industrialists who has inspired me a lot.we can learn many lessons from his great life.
    it's really surprising you get time to write posts regularly.:)
    keep the spirits high!
    i stopped asking i don't want to know anything about karma or fate.
    have a great day ahead.

  7. True. There are no shortcuts in life. We grow up hearing all those fairy tales where if the easy path is taken, it takes you to trouble. But we choose to forget. The number of false finance firms that promise provide double and treble still mushroom. In kerala, some educated fellows fell for an internet fraud where some nigerian fellow promised huge amounts presumably left by some wealthy guy in his will. As it is, as long as foolishness plus greed exist, the easy ways will be more explored.
    The sheer variety of your posts makes interesting read.

  8. Kp,
    Rightly said by you,when we are worried its always better to look down and feel what we have more which otheres dont,and for motivation to look up and aim on what they have achieved,maintaining this balance and walking through this rope is the art of life

  9. Excellent one sir! I really liked this very much. It is true, all are not equally gifted. But all have a future and a present to mould it.

  10. Well thought out post sir...I agree, the playing field is not the same for all...but at the same time, i think, when we know the purpose of where we are going, then these differences would only be complimentary :-)

  11. i should say i liked this more than your stories, Life is never fair and never meant to be fair.

  12. I would classify Ambani as a guy who asked "life is never fair why i should i be fair".

    I would say life is never fair atleast you be fair

  13. Thats a great lesson indeed!Nothing in life can stop us if we will things to be the way we want them to be..hardwork is a slave to all those who hire it...those who dont cannot tread difficult paths of life.A very thought provoking post!

  14. Namaste...
    Your title is a fact of life. While the rich to not bare some of the same hardships as those born into the low socio-economic situations they are not without trouble, worry, despear, hardships they experience it all albeit in a different way. Character is not determined by money or affluence, it is determined by the choices we make, how we allow our experiences in life to inform and influence who we are and whom we become. It is in this instance life is a level playing field.

    Have a fantastic week.

  15. At present I am going through an unfair patch but it has been fair sometimes so no complaints. Nice post, helped me reflect and yes all those questions asked and then locked up emerged to the forefront again.

  16. Reminds me the lyrics of a good Bryan Adam's song.

    Some people walk the straight and narrow - Some walk the rocky road,
    Some get the silver spoon and some get the heavy load
    There's a man in a paper box who smiles whenever we walk by
    We just walk a little faster and say 'there but for the grace of God go I'
    but a little love - just a little love-
    a little love can change it all.

    Nice post sir :)