Sunday, August 9, 2009

One kind act begets another

Murugan worked in a small job with a low remuneration. He was married with two children. He had an aged mother also with him. Life was a constant struggle for the couple. His wife too pitched in with some earnings distributing milk sachets early in the mornings. His children were studying in a government schools. The school for the elder boy was about two kilometers away and he had to trudge by foot, rain or sun. He has been pestering for long his father to get him a cycle as many of his class mates had. However much Murugan wanted to comply with his request, his poor income had higher priorities. One month it could be medical expenses for his mom, another month repair to the leaking hut or the payment of arrears with the shop for provisions taken on credit. Each month was no different from the other.Murugan’s neighbour bought a new cycle for his use and asked him whether he would like to have the old one. He demanded just Rs.200 knowing that Murugan cannot afford more. He however gave him two day’s time to buy it as he needed the money he owed to cycle shop. The boy’s demand turned into an insistent cry on hearing this.Murugan lost his temper and slapped the boy into silence.

He left soon there after to attend an auspicious function at his sister’s place. He borrowed Rs.100 for buying a gift. On his way he was struck with remorse at having been rude to the young boy but consoled himself that he would soon find someway to get a cycle for the boy. His sister’s family was better off running successfully a grocery store. His sister and her husband were happy that he participated in the gala occasion and presented him with an envelope containing Rs.250.
Murugan decided on his way back to request his neighbour to accept Rs.150 initially for the cycle and the balance to be paid subsequently. As he was retuning home from the bus stand, he met his colleague who was in tears. He had a pitiable story to relate. His young son was knocked down by a speeding three wheeler and was left bleeding in the road in what was a hit and run case. The boy needed medical attention and help.. His colleague had raised some money by pledging his wife’s chain but needed more, however much he could spare. Murugan thought of his sobbing son and the neighbour’s cycle for a moment. He said “I would like to help you but I have a small amount for some other pressing purpose. I realize the urgency of your need.”
“Okay Murugan, I understand. I have been trying several sources since morning. Let me go and find out from some others” The colleague patted Murugan, turned back and hurried into the narrow alley.
As Murugan watched him leave, he felt a slight wrench in his heart.”Hey, wait a minute. Take this Rs250.This is all I have. I will find out some other way to sort out my problem. Your need is more pressing than mine. If you need me at the hospital, tell me. I can come.”
“Thank you so much for the help. There is no need for you to come to the hospital. Let me rush” his friend replied
Murugan felt light in his heart though he felt sorry that the boy’s cycle will have to wait. When he reached his house and knocked the door, his son opened the door with a beaming smile. When he saw in the corner his neighbour’s cycle and raised his eye brows in askance his wife in answer to his unasked query said “Our kindly neighbour had left the cycle this morning and said you can pay whenever convenient even after six months. Our boy is waiting for your arrival and permission before trying it out.”
Murugan was speechless for a moment wondering at the ways of God and how one kind act begets another.


  1. Touching story Sir :) I loved it Sir :)

  2. If God closes one door he opens the other. Nice story.

  3. dear partha,
    our good deeds never go unpaid.hardly people show interest in selfless service.
    we don't realise how importnat is listening to bed time stories of childhood was rich in vast experinces n still cherish the value based stories my Achamma[father's mother]used to narrate.and by the end of the story,i decided to adopt the good things to make the world a better n when we get time stoory narration should be practised
    and with wide opened eyes kids eagerly listen!
    thanks a lot partha,my morning began with right value of kindness.thanks a lot.have a great day....
    happy blogging.....

  4. Very Heart Touching Story Sir :D Thanks A Lot For Sharing :D

  5. Thanks for sharing this pa,every time i read your stories am instilling & nurturing good qualities ..:)

    Good Deeds are always paid ..Being kind and humane begets eternal joy ..:)

    Have a Great Day pa..

  6. Super Duper...cudnt have been a better bedtime story for tonite..will sleep peacefully now :)

  7. Beautiful. Full of life and heart. Though, a story told in different ways, your narration makes it fresh. Hats off sir. These many days I never realised that I was chatting with such a great writer. I awe your talent!

  8. Beautiful story... So full of values... The world needs more Murugans to make it worth living...

    It also needs more KPs to write about Murugans :)

  9. AWESOME story was a heartwarming read. Kindness begets kindness, wonderful message sent across.....

    Have a nice time, sir :-)

  10. Interesting to read. Good narration.