Monday, October 5, 2009


Navin stared at the letter before him.It came today stamped 12/09/09 He did not open the envelope. He had been morose for the last six weeks eversince he got the news that Archana was getting married and that she had gone permanently away from his life and subsequently her sad suicide.
.His thoughts went back to the day a year back he first met her.She was obviously in a hurry wanting to reach her office in time.The railway station was jampacked with passengers moving and out of the platform in the morning rush. In her hurry she collided with Navin causing his briefcase to fall with papers scattering all over.He was very angry at this foolish girl intially that soon gave way to a grin when she bent down with profuse apologies and collected all the papers.She was very fetching in her looks and her eyes shone brightly .Before he could thank her, she scurried away in the crowd.He felt sorry that he had not ascertained her name and her contact number.
It was a week later he met her accidentally in a restaurent where he was taking his lunch.She came with two other girls and was looking around for vacant seats.There was one by his side and two others a little yonder.When she saw him, he smiled at her and she nodded with a faint smile in recognition.She came and sat by his side saying ’I hope you are not upset with me for the inadvertent collision that day”
Navin said”I am actually happy for that lucky incident as I get to know an attractive friend.My name is Navin working in….”
“I am Archana and my office is closeby.I come here for my lunch daily around this time”she giggled suggestively.
What started as regular meetings at the restaurent soon grew into an intimate friendship.They keept meeting daily and found in each other their soulmate.They were in deep love and wished to marry soon after keeping their parents informed..She was from an affluent family while Navin had a middle class background.But he was well qualified and in a good position.
It was when Archana’s parents spoke to her about a suitable match being finalised and that the young man would be soon coming to meet them, Archana was shocked but courageously broke the news of her love to Navin. Like any other rich parents, Archanas’ dad too did not approve of her choice pointing out the wide gap in status and his dreams of merging his business with his son inlaws’. Archana was the only daughter.All her pleas fell into deaf ears and they would not budge.The young man came and saw her.He expressed his willingness to marry her.He looked quite handsome and was the son of a leading industrialist.There was nothing that would go against him. Archana had nothing to point out except that her heart was already with that of Navin. But her parents proceeded further and fixed the date for the marriage.She was not allowed to go out alone without her mom by her side.
Navin grew restless when she was not meeting him.There were no mobiles those days.She had asked him not to give a ring to her house as her friendship was kept a secret.He checked with her office and found she was not attending the office for sometime and that they got the news that she was getting married soon.Navin was very upset and wondered how a girl who professed her undying love for him and who always spoke about their marriage and the family they would raise could ditch him for a rich guy. He thought of the intimate and personal moments with her and his rage only grew.He concluded that she was just an opportunist and used him till it suited her.He could not sleep and she ocupied his mind all the time. He could not forget her.
It was after a week that he saw in the news paper that she had consumed sleeping tablets and killed herself one day before the marriage.He was shattered and wrestled with doubts as to why she would take her life when she was to get married.Could it be that she was unwilling and forced to marry someone whom she did not love? Could it be that he was wrong in his hasty assessment of her? Could it be that she did not want to marry ay one other than him? Such questions stared at him always begging for answer.He became depressed and morose as he had none to answer.
It was at this moment that the letter on the table had arrived.He had no interest to read letters.he was disinterested with everything.But the handwriting looked unfamiliar and appeared written by an illiterate. He tore the envelope and saw a scrap of paer torn from a child’s note book.He read
I could not tell you that my parents have fixed my marriage against my wishes for 21st of this monthThey will not allow me to marry you but I am determined to marry only you and none else.I am not left alone or allowed to go out.I manage to write this letter from the toilet and getting it posted through our cook who is very fond of me.
I will manage to come out on the pretext of a facial and wait for you at the usual restaurent on 19th at 4pm.Please be there without fail and come prepared to take me with you.We will get married in some temple.I am a major. Please do not fail me.If you fail to turn up, I will not marry the person chosen but end my life.
Expecting to meet you and hoping for the happy times ahead
Your Archana
He saw the letter was posted on15/7 from the stamp but delievered on 12/09.The wretched postal department had unwittingly played its lousy part in this sad denouement. .Navin started crying inconsolably cursing his bad luck


  1. the first one to comment upon..yippee...:)
    as usual, its again a masterpiece by u..vry well written, with a different ending which made me laugh and at the same time I felt pity for the poor guy..n thankfully today post offices can't b blamed, we shuld b thankful to all the technologies we r able to access..:)
    nice work..Keep going..!!!

  2. Dear Partha,
    the guy should have been bold enough to go to Archana's house atleast when he came to know about her marriage.some gents just can't handle the critical situation!
    communication gap brought the tragedy!the strong n deep love never fails.:)
    wishing you sound sleep,

  3. Sir, this story was really not up to your usual standards.That punch wwas missing.

  4. was heartbreaking...seriously!!
    me wants more stories..more stories.
    i liked this one :)

  5. Really sad. A delay in delivery cost a life in this case two lives.:(

  6. i read this quote somewhere true love never has happy endings because true love never ends. I am emotionally very stubborn person even i was really gutted. Wonderfully written

  7. A very touching story...the beauty of it lies in the way you write in a flow.