Thursday, October 22, 2009

Devaki's ailment

Madhav has been noticing from his balcony for many days her standing next to the window of the adjacent apartment looking at him whenever he came out.Though it was dark in her room (she perhaps used dim light for better vision outside), he could see she was stunningly beautiful with long hair falling on her shoulders and beyond.There was something in her that attracted him to the balcony frequently.He had an easy chair put there and under the pretext of reading a paper or a book would be watching her sideways and seeing whether she also did the same.Yes, she was transfixed as if was like a statute.She must be around twenty two, quite tall and a well built body that lent elegance and grace.He mustered courage to smile at her and received a 1000 volts shock when she returned his smile with an imperceptible wave of her hand .Needless to say Madhav spent most of his time at home in the balcony savouring her beauty and exchanging gestures. Strangely she neither came out or gave any indication of her working anywhere.Madhav had no means of checking out the reason for her being tied to home.
A week later he was greatly surprised to see her one evening at a nearby temple.She was in a beautiful blue salwar suit and her dark eyes shone brightly and her red coloured lips stood out in her fair complexion.Madhav smiled at her and she smiled back.Her mom was a little away talking to the temple priest.She moved slightly out of her sight as Madhav joined her
“What is your good name? We see each other daily all day long for many months but meeting for the first time today.Why is it I don’t see you much out side? Aren’t you working?”
“I am Devaki.What is your name? Mom doesn’t allow me to go out.No, I am not working also for the same reason” she replied
“I am Madhav and work in a MNC.Do you come to the temple daily with your mom at this time? asked Madhav
She saw her mom turning and looking for her and said as she left quickly”Later, Mom is coming.” As Madhav stood watching her walk, he saw her repeatedly turning her head to look at him.
During dinner when Madhav and mom were alone eating, her mother broached the subject of his marriage.Taking advantage of this he confided to her his deep fascination for the girl in the adjacent apartment and wanted her to talk to them.
“I think they have come to this complex recently.I have seen the lady and the daughter but not spoken.Yes, the girl is very charming.Do you know whether she likes you? I have no objection in meeting that lady and telling her of your interest” his mom said.
Madhav hugged her telling”Sweet mom.Please ensure this materialises somehow.I am madly in love with her and I think she too with me.”
The next day evening when Madhav returned from office his mom asked him to sit by her side. ”Madhu,I am sorry, my mission failed.I saw the girl for a fleeting moment.She is no doubt exceedingly attractive and fetching.But her mom was telling when I mentioned about the purpose of my visit that the girl is not well for a couple of years and that was the reason she was not working also.When I told her that I have seen her going out with her and nothing seemed wrong,she said that she looked apparently ok but has some serious mental problem.Once or twice a year she develops violent tendencies.She is under treatment and it appeared the cure will take a couple of years more.She also added that she was frank as she did not want to deceive anyone but requested me to keep the information to myself. She did not show any interest to pursue the conversation and bid me farewell rather abruptly.”

“Amma, I don’t believe an iota of this crap of her being amental case..I talked to her and gained the impression she was very normal but a bit afraid of her mom” said Madhav
She replied”We cannot say with certainty from stray conversations.They have periods of normal and abnormal behaviour.Which mom would spurn a good match and speak adversely of her daughter? She must be a very good lady in coming out with the truth despite the pain in her heart”
Madhav was shattered totally.He felt a deep pain in his heart when she the saw Devaki standing at the window and waving her hand and smiling at him.His heart was wrenched at the way fate played cruelly on this innocent girl .Tears welled from his eyes as he went in and shut himself up.He was in a state of total dejection and stayed away from office.Every now and then he will peep through window to see Devaki standing by window and looking expectantly at this side.
Two days later when Madhav’s dad went to bank, he met Devaki’s father.Though they had not met earlier, he introduced himeself as Madhavs dad and said “I am sorry we didn’t know as otherwise we would not have approached.It was only when my wife met yours we came to know of her ailment.Poor girl, God has been cruel to her”
“What are you talking, Sir? Who said my daughter has an ailment.She is in the pink of her health.She has no medical problems at all.Did you say my wife said like that? Oh, I can see a conspiracy in this.She is my second wife My first one died soon after Devakis birth.Devaki is very rich with a large bequest by her maternal grandfather.This woman is ill disposed to her and refusing to send her to work.She is obviously wanting to stop her getting married also..Let me check with Devaki whether she likes your son and if she says in affirmative, let us proceed further.I will teach this shrew a fitting lesson.You can take my daughter to any doctor and subject her to any test, if you wish to..It is good you brought this to my notice”said Devaki’s dad as he shook hands.
Madhav came out to the balcony and started waving his hand at the smiling Devaki


  1. Dear Partha,
    For a change,I'm the first one to put a comment.:)
    I think,you love traditional Indian names.a nice story,well narrated.but Partha,I could not see the long hair flowing on her shoulders;may be because you wanted a girl standing near the window.
    Thanks to Devaki's stars,her stepmother, didn't object her enjoying the most wonderful sight!
    looking forward to more romantic stories,

  2. Dear Sir,

    Simple and beautiful as usual. Liked it very much.

    Please do come with more such pleasurable stories.

  3. great piece for a thought ...! nice.

  4. almost back to back romantic write ups ehem .. whats up sir? ;-)
    jokes aprt ..
    I don’t need to say, it s another good post from your kitty …. Packed with romance and bit of suspense …. I was just beginning to wonder how come a mom so bluntly tells about her daughter in such bad light

  5. Do you believe in love at first sight? Do first impressions make the mark? How do you define love?

    This was an interesting read.
    Could make a good movie. :-)

  6. holy crap...wat an evil stepmom..i wonder how women can have such nature..really leaves me puzzled!!

  7. was interesting to read.really,are dese step moms so cruel.? dis is wht we've been seein in movies nd all...

  8. Yet another romantic tale! :)
    Since you always give a twist towards the end, I was expecting something like the step mom is mentally ill! ;)
    Well, in a way she was!

  9. shame on that heart of stone...but in the end truth does win..isn't it uncle?

  10. Oh u have lalita pawar in your story:)(She acted as a villan in hindi movies)
    Ive noticed something in your stories all the eligible bachelors are working in MNC's , the MNC's should give u credit for making them popular:)
    Great story thanks!

  11. "She was in a beautiful blue salwar suit and her dark eyes shone brightly and her red coloured lips stood out in her fair complexion"
    How can anyone put anything better than that ;)

  12. Very interesting story which shows how cruel the step moms are :) Thatha, why don't you compile your stories and publish as a book???