Friday, October 16, 2009

A good Samaritan

Krishna iyer was always averse to going to US as he was nearing 78 and had a previous heart ailment with a bypass done on him.But his daughter would press him to visit her atleast once in two years to spend six months with her. Unable to refuse her persistent pleas, he had gone to US for six months stay with his daughter.He had taken a medical insurance cover taken at a substantial premium but it had lot of riders that would ensure the rejection of any claim.No medical cover is normally given for persons aged above 75 and that too for ailing people and if given they do so after collecting exhorbitant premium that would not cover existing diseases except for admission into the emergency in life threatening situations limited to three days or certain amout.They are as bad as going without a cover.Hospitalised treatment for those not covered by insurance in US is unthinkable.The charges if such an unfortunate eventuality happens would bring great financial hardship to the children living there.Still Iyer made bold to take a trip with a seemingly good cover but practically a dud.Iyer knew this and it was always nagging him at the back of his mind.
Once there in the enthusiasm he forgot about the health or the insurance.He enjoyed the weekend outings ,daily visit to malls or other places and the long drives.He lived in a place with undulations in terrain.He avoided those roads with deep gradients and walked on even park.One day his grandson pestered him walk to a certain place where he can shoow him big ferocious looking mastiffs the size if tigers .He had also assured his grandpa that the gradient was not much.The old man went along with the boy to humour him..It was a long walk.The weather was plesant with a nip in the air.They went cracking jokes and laughing a lot. It was the return trip that did the mischief.The young boy did not know what appeared a small rise in height was too much for the tired and weak heart of his grandpa.He became breathless, stopped at every ten yards and sat down.They were coming in the byelane away from the main road where cars passed frequently..The boy got scared when his grandpa rebuked him for bringing him to this place.It was with great difficulty that they made to the house.The boy was scolded by his mom and the chap started crying asking “Will grandpa die?” The old man had two days bed rest but he stopped taking walks there after even on even surfaces.
Eversince that incident he felt dul pain and uneasiness but dared not tell his daughter lest she took him to doctor.He became dull and often excused himself from going out with her as he did earlier.The daughter was wondering why her dad was so scared and asked him whether he felt unwell.This man denied and said he was allright. But Iyer started feeling that he was unable to climb stairs as frequently as he did and so kept himself in the living room at the ground floor and climbed only once in the night...It was already four months. One day he expressed a wish to return to Chennai.He said though he was in good health, he had a nagging fear that he may fall sck and that he would like to be in Chennai soon. She would not agree as he had agreed for six months stay.What stareted as occasional plea became persistent requests that both her daghter and son-in-law finally relented and got him booked him to Chennai at the earliest available flight with wheel chair facity.Iyer ensured that did not strain at all and was mostly in bed or sofa till the date of departure.He rarely walked.
The day of departure came.The daughter was worried about sending him alone.She found some indians at the airport and asked them to take care of him in case he needed any help.She requested her dad to give her a ring from Frankfurt as soon as he reached and again before departure.There was a stop over of over three hours and he had ample time to make the call..Unluckily no wheel chair was provided to him at Frankfurt and he had to walk some distance.All his pleas that he was a heart patient were in vain with the indifferent staff.Once he came to rest in the terminal where his onward flight was to depart he remembered his daughter’s request.There was a phone nearby but it worked only on prepaid card.He asked some one who was there where he could get the card.He was told it was a little yonder away.The oldman was afraid to walk that far.But he was worried that his daughter would be anxiously awaiting his call.He went again and again near the phone which was adjacent to him.He could not see any Indians nearby and was shy of asking the few were who were hurrying now and then.
One German who was watching him for a short while approached him and asked“I see you going to the phone frequently but not using it.Can I be of some help?”
“Thanks, Sir.I have promised my daughter that I would give her a ring soon after I reached Frankfurt.I am told that a prepaid card is needed and that the place where they sell is far away.I am a heart patient and unable to walk that far.”
“Oh, I see.How long would you like to talk to her”he asked
“Just a minute or two at most.” replied Iyer.
The man made no offer to get the card for Iyer to give him the dollars. But a thought crossed Iyer's mind whether this man was a dupe..But the German left without a word.It was more than 30 minutes and Iyer sat listlessly.Suddenly the German appeared before Iyer with a card in hand saying he got a five Euro card and asked Iyer to use the phone.Iyer fumbled for his daughter's number and the German helped him in dialling and getting the connection,.Whne Iyer happily told his daughter of the travails of no wheelchair,no mobile and the prepaid card system, she was greatly relieved. Iyer promised to ring her up again before going for security check.With the call finished , he turned round to look for the German to pay him the money.Lo,he was not there.Iyer looked around hither and thither but the good Samaritan had mysteriously vanished without collecting the eight dollars from him.Iyer felt ashamed of himself for doubting such a kind soul.


  1. Hey, I Am First!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent Post :) :)

  2. Hello KP Sir!

    ...a simple demonstration of meeting a good samaritan...

    ... i can relate to it as i have also met a good samaritan myself in terms of a thousand of $...i've written a post about him but requested that i conceal his personality...

    it's in my blogsite, the title is "The Good Samaritan,, written sometime in June of this year" drop by my site...

    you've bookmarked me here but it seems i am not updated because i always post, if not daily...

    nice day KP Sir!

  3. A nice one KP sir. Good to read such stories.

  4. Dear Partha,
    Wishing you a bright n wonderful DIWALI,
    May the festival bring joy n happiness,
    Bless you to lead a life,
    Filled with peace,prosperity n wealth.
    Thanks a million for being a good samaritan,
    In many bloggers' lives.:)
    Partha,you are the light i've seen,
    Spreading light by your kindness,
    Blessed you're to be the source of inspiration,
    I'm so happy that i've come across you,
    As usual a very touching post,
    Readers can always take some values,
    Browsing through your posts,
    You will be in my prayers n thoughts,
    And it is my simple but honest,

  5. Good Samaritans come at nil premium as we discover again

  6. I though the end would be different..this was a surprise. Nice story!

  7. like a god sent usually happens, when we are in a situation and badly want to do something, someone or something comes to rescue at the nick of time!!

  8. wow..good soul and good example also ..and any way its life and it goes on .. correct ur mistakes and never repeat themmthis is the est policy i gues..:)

    good one uncle ..