Sunday, October 18, 2009

The last night

Kartha knew she wouldn’t live long.His wife Sevanthi’s heart had lost most of its pumping function and was managing at ten percent of its normal efficiency.She was bedridden and lay alone in the bedroom whole day long aware of her terminal disease and the gradual count down that had commenced.Doctors had said there is nothing that could be done except make her remaining life bearable without much discomfort.She was not afraid of death , rather she preferred it than being bedridden all day long totally dependent on others.Still it was a depressing thought,not about her permanent departure but about her leaving her soulmate and loving husband alone behind her.Though a good and intelligent man, he was not capable of looking after himself and leaned heavily on Sevanthi for even minor matters.Eversince she fell ill and in between her frequent stays at hospital whenever she was at home, she had taught him to cook simple food, entered the recipe herself in the laptop of a few items that he normally took and adequate to manage.
.He had taken long leave to be by her side all the 24 hours except for small errands when he left her in the care of the maidservant.He never stayed away from her for more than 30 minutes.He tried to make her life pleasant.She was fond of computer and liked chatting with her daughters who were away.He got her a laptop.He brought regularly new CDs of films and music she liked.But she could not watch or listen for long.She grew exhausted easily and turned in the bed many times.She was on saltless and liquidless diet.Total liquid allowed daily was half a litre in any form.All intake was measured.He tried his best to make the food palatable within this constraint but it was still bland and insipid.She detested the sight of her food.There was nothing he could do but punished himself by taking the same saltless food without her knowledge.
But he made up for her sense of loneliness and despondency by being at her side constantly telling her stories,reading the news paper,brushing her hair, massaging her painful limbs,putting his arms around her gently, caressing her face or keeping her head on his laps.His only objective now was to keep her happy,free from pain and sullen mood.He kept nice and fresh flowers in a vase on the TV table.He freshened the room with assorted room fresheners of different fragrances.They would go through the photo albums since their marriage reminscing the happier days.He would play scrabble or wordsbuilding or cards for a while till she felt tired.Still the thought of separation soon lay heavy on their hearts though they spoke to each other little of it.Each saw the concern and worry in the others’ eyes..
It was 10 pm that night.They were in bed together.She had snuggled close to him and he put his arms around her in a gentle embrace. He ran his fingers over her face moving them gently to the shoulders and her hip .As she turned her face towards him, he planted a soft kiss on her forehead.She suddenly found the strength from nowhere and hugged him tightly to give a passionate and long kiss.
Exhausted soon by thiis effort, she lay on her back and whispered “ Darling, I am very happy now.You have been so loving and caring all through my life and much more so in these few months,I shudder at the thought of leaving you.I think my end has drawn near.It may not last more than a week. I wish to talk to you.Will you pay me your full attention?”
Kartha tried to wipe his tears without her knowledge but could not as she said in admonishing tone “ You should not cry.Remember you are a man.You must learn to acept the inevitable stoically.Lucky that I am preceding you for I cannot live one moment without you.”
Kartha said ”Don’t talk foolishly.You will be fine and live much longer.I read in paper today of some effective hormonal treatment for such conditions. I will talk to doctor tomorrow.It is late now. Please sleep.”
“Honey, I am not a child, I know. I have been seeing oflate bad omens.Some uncommon figures appear in my dream.Promise me you will go and settle down with the daughters in US.You can shuttle between them two.They are affectionate and loving.Do not stand on false prestige and stay alone here adamantly thinking of me all the time.I will depart happily if you assure me on this one request” she said
“Sevanthi, you are being silly and irrational.Nothing is wrong with you.Nevertheless I promise you that I will abide by your wish” responded Kartha
She tightly embraced him again to kiss him hard.They were silent for some more time till sleep drifted across her face.Kartha was awake for a long time watching her breath move regularly.He didn’t know when he slept till he woke up with a start.The clock showed 5am.
He turned to look at Sevanthi.She appeared to be fast asleep.He went in to make tea for her.He came back soon with tea and some cracker biscuits..He gently touched her and called “Sevanthi, good morning.Your bed tea is ready.”
She made no movement.He nudged her a little..She did not respond.He became worried and felt her breath.There was none,.The doctor in the first floor of the complex pronounced her dead.She had died peacefully in her sleep.There was a faint smile of satisfaction on her face.
It was a week later when he was browsing their common id, he opened one message in the draft dated a fortnight back.Sevanthi had evidently picked the lines from the net. It read
Do not worry and weep. When I come to the end of the road, do not cry for a soul set free? Miss me a little--but not too long but do remember the love that we once shared. Miss me--but let me go for this is a journey that we all must take and each must go alone. When you have become alone, do go to the daughters.Bury your sorrows in doing good deeds. Miss Me - But Let me Go!


  1. Extremely Touching & Beautiful Story :) :)

  2. Hey, Even Today, I'm First To Comment :) :)

  3. Dear Sir,

    Wow! Wow! What a warm story. A thin frame of tear did try to cover up my eyes when I read this.I loved it very much.

    There is a sense of warmth even in sorrow. I could feel that warmth in this story.

    Please do come up with more such soulful stories.

  4. Dear Partha,
    really touching the end of the last word my eyes were wet,heart aches n i've become so restless.
    the love for each other,the care shown,the prsence given,teh tender live,the last moments were so peaceful.that brought the smile on the face of aunty!
    the story we will keep it in our heart forever!hardly we see the made for each other couple.
    time heals the wounds n gives strength to minds.those who are alive must move on.............
    the memories are evergreen,they become source of inspiration n to put on a smile.........
    Partha,it's a page from life,making the readers so emotional.

  5. I want to understatand that what that which is your forever.? what is love?Does any book/Granth specify

  6. Your story left me speechless...a genuine depiction of love and care and how well presented by you..

  7. The lines in the end are amazing, giving the story a revived strength when it reaches its end.

  8. Hi KP,

    I join your readers here in appreciating this beautiful poignant story. Thank you for writing this.

    Have a good week.
    God bless you and your family.


  9. Very touching, You made me cry.

  10. Sir, you have shown us that True love is above and beyond time.That Time does not affect true love for it does not exist on the same plane. This is the Love that Kartha felt for Sevanthi. It was true love and was not influenced by time. Although they had been married for many years, “In his eyes, it seemed like only a few days,” for their love was true, and, therefore, beyond the boundaries of time. In a few words you have revealed what made their love so special, “for he loved her and she loved him” - their love was not self-centered, it was the truest love, one could have for another person.Vazz

  11. Sevanthi touched me the most and by the end of the story, i felt like i knew her for shes been around here and just took off from me.
    Loved the story and have saved it.

  12. The two will meet Krishna's kingdom. Right now the separation is painful for him, but he must understand that she is waiting there for him.

    The two will meet is destined.

  13. hi uncle,

    sorry for being late..loss is all mine..extrealy good love story and a touching ne as well..

    she was so inspiring to him for the rest of his life..she was a good gal i gues..)

    now he need to live for her love..

    Keep writing ..

  14. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!U SIMPLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!