Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The last straw

It was a tiresome day for Sasikala. With endless files and meetings.She was in a high position in a bank.She was having a mild head ache since morning.She just closed all files and packed up for leaving home.It was a dull routine doing the same monotonous work day in and day out.There was no thrill at home too.As she parked the car in the drive way, she found the house was dark with no lights on.The post box was full of mails with some protruding outside.She collected them and entered the home using her key.
She called “Purush, are you at home? Why haven’t you switched on the lights?”There was no response.She went to the living room and found him lying on the sofa with the TV on and an open bottle of beer.He was asleep snoring loudly
She nudged him and said “Purush, get up.Did you have tea? Has the maid not come? Why are you sleeping in the evening?”
He moved a bit and said” I don’t know whether she came or not.I was asleep.I don’t want tea.Why do you always like to disturb me like this?Cannot a person sleep in his home peacefully whenever he liked?.”
She didn’t argue with him.He was always an easy going person not taking interest in any thing including her.She was 49 but was physically fit and active like a forty year old.She loved fun and wished to go out,attend parties, travel and theatres.She mixed well wih people but was afraid of going out along with him as he invariably got drunk and created scenes.He had no interest in anything except watching some babes on the TV with a bottle by his side.He was tweleve years older than her.He had become a diabetic.Possibly due to medicines or otherwise, he has lost interest in sex.They were just living together with no physical intimacy since two years.Let alone sex, he was not even loving her with an occasional hug or kiss.He was not like that when she married him..Till some years ago he was a passionate lover and kept her more than happy.They used to go out on all weekends.
She sighed and took her cup of tea and some namkeen to her room .She switched on the ac and lied down on her bed.The cool breeze was comforting and soothing.She was a good lady.Though she had many young colleagues working with her, she never took any interest in them. though a few were wanting to get close to her.She kept them at a distance.Many nights she tossed in the bed restlessly and would put her arm on Purush and shake hi.m. He would turn the other side mumbling that he was sleepy..She knew he had become impotent and was avoiding her.Being healthy and young, she had to suppress her normal urges and divert her mind on novels till late in the night until she dozed of to sleep.
It was one Sunday she was sitting with her laptop.Purush had gone out to attend a function.She normally avoided the chat room.Monotny killed her.Curious to find out what it held, she opened the site.
Soon there was a text”HI,I am Vikram.Would you like to chat?”
“Yea, why not? I am Sanjana.Glad to meet you.”Sasikala said giving a false name
“Nice Sanju, Call me Vik.I am an engineer married with two kids.But she has separated and the kids are in her custody.”he said
“Oh,Oh I am so sorry.It must be difficult being alone.” She replied
“Yes, it is very boring.I want to get some good friend with whom I can be in regular touch and forget the pain.Would you be my friend?” he asked.
“Why not? We can meet online regularly.”
“I am 45 and in Delhi.Where are you living.How old are you.Are you married?”
“I am also around your age with a daughter married and living abroad.I also need a good friend.”She replied but did not tell him that she also lived in delhi
The conversations became regular and intimate sharing all their personal woes and problems.He was very caring and considerate.He had a magnetic charm always saying things that were pleasing and intelligent.Their discussions apart from some flirting were serious too.They became close friends.She confided her dulland insipid lifebut never agreed to his suggestion that they meet.She felt that she would not be able to resist herself once she met him.The chats were frequent daily extending to long hours.She found life a lttle more tolerable and promising.He had expressed his deep love for her and even suggested they can meet secretly and have fun.She steeled her yearning mind to be within certain boundaries. But she found in him the love she missed from her husband and the comfort his soothing words gave.
It was a Saturday evening.She camehome around 5pm earlier than usual.She found a small crowd standing out side.The maid was also there.She rushed to find out.The maid said”Saheb is not opening door.The TV is on full blare.The taps are open and the water is flowing from under the doors.I was knocking the door and ringing the bell.Our neighbours have also tried.Saheb is no opening the door.”
She opened the door with her keys and walked across the wet floors with all carpets soaked.Others followed her.She found Purush lying on the sofa on his shorts with bare torso with bottle in hand and blabbering unconcerned about the surroundings.She felt ashamed and wished she dropped dead.Others pitied with her and slowly went out.The maid started cleaning the mess.Saikala did not utter one word to Purush.This was the last straw.She quietly went up and opened the laptop.
“Hi Sanjana, Where are you? I miss you Honey” typed Vikram
“Darling, I am very much here.I have finally decided to meet you in person.” Sasikala said


  1. HI Uncle,

    well written...:)..such incidents do happen..:)..

    Thanks for sharing this.

    My best wishes to give u a push towards giving pace to ur stories..


  2. I found this one similiar to the stories you have written earlier.

  3. why doesnt she divorce him? no point in dragging this further.
    leme catch up on all stories ive missed!!

  4. is this real or fiction?

    of course, if that happens to me, what's the point of living with a moron?

    i like your story, very much!

  5. Never trust anyone you meet online. Is what I would tell Sasikala. But I can't blame her either. But then, again, as a sensible woman, she must know that anonimity is a lethal weapon, Vik might be using against her....

  6. heyy gp..so aftr a long wait, got to read sumthing frm u..nice..
    well framed story..ya, ther's no point in livin wid that kinda person who dnt even bother to care nethin, stupid moron..bt at the same tyme she shuld b careful in mantaining online relationships,can be betrayed again..in both the cases, she's to suffer..dats the poor destiny of women..:(

  7. Interesting. Not an uncommon occurrence in today's times. Why should someone live with a being who's incapable of even looking after himself leave alone his significant other.

  8. Nice story! The title is very apt. There is only so much a person can tolerate. Well written.

  9. :) :) There is a limit for all.....but, Vikram went beyond the limit[talking abt his drinking habit].