Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Second thoughts

Vyshnavi exploded in anger. “I cannot agree to your hustling me into a marriage.You both know that I have been wanting to study further and become a professional I am just a post graduate in English literature and would like to do a course in journalism in a reputed institution.I will not marry for two more years.That is final ,do you both understand.”
“Vyshu,you are 23 already.The match that has come is very good.The people are from decent background.The boy is highly qualified and in a senior executive position in a MNC with a bright future.They are also wealthy and a small family.Please do not be adamant.As parents do you think we would do anything against your interests” said her mom softly.Her dad nodded in agreement.
“I don’t care whether I am 23 or more.People marry even in late twenties.I just need two more years and Heavens are not going to fall by my not marrying immediately.He is also not the last eligible bachelor.They are dime a dozen.Amma, please do not make me disobey you both..Allow me to do what pleases me”said Vyshanavi
“Vyshu, listen to me.You don’t have to marry if you don’t wish to.We have given our word to them and they will be coming to see you next Sunday.I am told the boy is very handsome.If you do not like, we will not proceed further.We will give some reason like horoscope not matching or some such.Please help us to honour our word” said her mom softly.
“OK,I agree,Do not ever dream that I would fall for this guy and succumb to your plans.I will just meet him as I do so many outside.I hope dad, I have made myself clear” replied Vyshu
Vyshu, though she agreed, considered it as a clever ploy by her parents.She decided to take the bull by the horns.She would meet the fellow Shyam or whatever his name at his office and let him know her mind and request him to help her by rejecting her.She was even prepared to be his friend.
It was 4pm when she entered his room.He was surrounded by many discussing some official matter.When he saw her, he stood up and extended his hand.He made a sign to others and they left immediately.”Please take your seat, miss….. I am Shyam”he said.
“Vyshnavi is my name.Sorry to disturb you in the midst of your work.I have come to you with an unusual request”
“Vyshnavi is a sweet name. I like it.If it is a matter of importance and urgency, I suggest we go down to the restaurent at the ground floor.We will be disturbed here by innumerable phone calls and visitors barging in.I can spare you 30 minutes” said Shyam as he got up.She could not say anything but nod her head.
Once seated in the corner of a rather empty restaurent, Shyam asked “What will you like to have.Can I order some pakoras and fruit shake? Do you have any preference?”
Vyshu was taken aback at the easy candour and camardaerie in his manner.He looked very handsome, much more than what she had visualised and was well built with strong arms.His curly hairs and a small button on his right ear only enhanced his charm.But she steeled herself not to be taken in by these and decided to express herself clearly.
Vyshu started”It is like this.I understand….”
He stopped her saying “Ssshh, we will talk about it later.Let us know each other.I am a Mtech from IIT and Asst Vice President here.I am fond of fiction, travelling and wish to be a writer.I am into blogging seriously.I am fond of any good music and see films selectively.I am a good cook too as a hobby.That summarises my profile.Tell me about you and the things you like.”
“Wow, your interests match mine.I am a PG in English literature and wish to do a diploma in journalism in a reputed place.I wish to be a writer.I write poems and short stories.I too have a blog with great following.I also have a travel itch wanting to see new places.I can sing carnatic music reasonably well.I do not miss good English films.But I am not into cooking or very much interested in it” said Vyshu
“Yes, a wise decision to do a PG diploma in journo.You must do it.Why haven’t you joined already.What is holding you?”
“It is like this.My parents want me to get married immediately.I am against it for fear that the man who marries me may not allow me to pursue my studies.We have been fighting over this” said Vyshu
“Which fool will stop a talented wife not to pursue? I for one would go all the way supporting my wife in her literary endeavours.I will take pride in her work.Ask your parents to ascertain this beforehand and you can achieve two things in one stroke.Is this the only objection to your not willing to marry or do you have any other ?” asked Shyam
“There is nothing else of consequence”conceded Vyshu
Shyam asked her”Now tell me, what is the help you wanted from me on some important matter?”
“Oh, it is nothing.” Said Vyshu
“You came all the way to take 30 minutes of my time only to tell that you have nothing to talk to me.Come out, Vyshnavi.Don‘t feel shy” asked Shyam
“Sorry Shyam.I came with a different purpose.After my discussion with you I have second thoughts on the wisdom of my earlier view.It is very nice to meet you.I am really impressed by your kind courtesy and hospitality.Let us hope we would meet more in the future.Sorry to have taken up your time.But it helped me resolve my issue.Thanks a bunch.” Vyshu said as she stood up extending her hand
“You ladies are enigma.I am happy to have met you and hope I will have occasion to meet you in future


  1. Dear Partha,
    Fora change,let me have the privelege of writing the first comment.is it love at first sight?no way!vaishu met him,talked with him an got impressed!but he might have already seen her photo.he would have recognised her.how can he disperse all the people around just to be with her?
    so,partha,looks do matter.and he has strong arms too.;:)hey,is he my follower?
    this is what.......the killing loks,the tempting style of talking,the promises,the common interests,everything sound cool,till the touch of the first thorn!
    anyways,dreams need no tax!cool!and today,i have some thoughts to take with me,second,third or fourth,not sure.......:)thanks,partha.
    wishing you a cool evening,

  2. Story very well written... Predictable ending, but still very well narrated...

  3. Dear Grandpa

    Today something urged me inside to read ur blog.I came from pramoda's blog and opened it and saw the name in the post .. i am more than shocked..How sweet of you to remember my wish and to gift it in such a bog way pa..

    My ids been hacked and all my blogs and data have been deleted pa..it hit me very bad that resulted in my absence in blog world and huge data loss in mails,contacts,and my blog ..Sorry is a small word ..but i really miss you pa..

    To me your entire post gave me so much love and showed your care .It means a lot to me pa..After this i feel more energized and decided to start a new blog ..

    This is a sweet love story ,and i admire her for being thoughtful in choosing her husband ..Her role spoke volumes to me..Very inspiring Pa..:)

    Please take care of health pa..I shall create a new mail id i suppose..i will be back to normal blogging,chat soon..


  4. What a relevant post to many young women nowadays Partha sir. I have many friends who shy away from marriage 'cos they think its binding.. or that they wont be able to pursue their dreams.. I tell them the same thing you portray in your story. sometimes an honest conversation will dispel more fears than running away from the very idea.

    I enjoyed this story a lot partha sir.

  5. He He!!!

    Loved the story sir. When Vyshu decided to meet the boy, I had a smile upon my lips, and I was right :-))

    Still, the story made a fantastic read!!!


  6. vry nice story..a message to many who run away from the commitments..vry smart lady she was, took a gud decision,bt had the guy nt b handsome,impressive nd supportive den she wuld hav refused definitely..dat means, hats off to her boldness to directly approach him first n luckily things turned out positively..:)
    njoyed reading it,had a gud flow..!!!

  7. you beauty wonderfully written. It is really flabbergasting to see how perceptions change

  8. That sounds like a fairy take and a good one :) sometimes stories help us unwind and help us get a grip of real life. Thnaks !

  9. Blogging + poetry + Vyshu ...reminds me of our co-blogger Vyshu...is it for real?? im gettin too curious..but yeah, loved the fun ending...it all ended well for both.

    but yeah one thought, its easy to suggest but when the onus comes on himself for letting Vyshu study...i hope he does what he speaks and vouches!!

  10. Dear Partha,
    good morning!everyone enjoyed your post.good.:)and my CBI work is successful!your hero is my follower.:)
    it's a real nice feeling.........who can resist such a good blogger?
    please do write something from the present happenings,new life experiences........
    have a wonderful day.......

  11. well..welll...
    haha as these comments best reflect.. this is a lovely post i must say... coz it s a differnt one from your usual 'grown-up' posts, you have shown the younger version of life and just as it happens in the lives of many ...

  12. HI Partha uncle,

    am soo delighted to have read that rom you...thanks alott for such a beautiful story and i loved the transformations that u have shown in vyshu's thoughts abt her hubby..:)

    Good one ..:)

  13. Dear Partha,
    Searching for ones mate,or even if we dont search meeting our perfect mate,thats a fate,there may be 'N' number of people around, with common interests,who may be in need of a partner,but meeting them at the right time and right place,,thats destiny..whatever decisions vyshu takes she is destined to meet her partner,,so thats it..it just happened..a nice story from u,dont know whether its a story or some true incident(some cbi comments suggest so)

  14. Wow, what a story! Something very close to life indeed. Though I could easily predict the ending when the girl decides to meet the boy, yet that did not spoil the reading. I really enjoyed it..

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed this one though it was very predictable. Nice narrative. Just that I don't think Shyam can be trusted. He walks out with a girl (who is possibly good looking) without even understanding the purpose of her visit. That too, such a busy man?
    But then, I liked the story, even with that flaw...:)