Tuesday, October 12, 2010

55 word fiction

“Hand over the wallet” barked the man
Raju saw the cold pistol staring at him
Unfazed he laughed uproariously.
“Why do you laugh, you fool?”
“See where you are standing”
The man turned his gaze down
The next second a thunder blow struck his chin as pistol fell
Raju an encounter specialist grappled the man

A motor bike with a woman on pillion whizzed at breakneck speed
Another one with a man hurried behind despite red signal.
The policeman stopped him
Are you colour blind? Don’t you see red
I am in hurry to catch him.
Then pay Rs.200
Don’t you see he is abducting?
Abducting? Whom?
My wife, his lover


  1. Trying to tell a story in just 55 words is tough. But u do it wonderfully.I am also amazed that U spin such wonderful stories at such a fast pace

  2. Short and sweet 55.First one shows presence of mind.

  3. ha,ha,ha,ha.... Escape plans ....:-)

  4. Great Job gp :)its a 55 word art :))

  5. u have done it 55 words suparb. ist time here .i saw ur in Anupama's blog very nice writing do visit my blog