Thursday, October 7, 2010

The trap

Raju and Arvind were drinking in the bar late night.

“I have to go now to pick up a lady employee at 12.30 am in BTM layout.I must rush It is already 11.50 PM” said Raju

“Raju, will you do me a favour? Here is Rs 1000 you wanted.Let me go in your uniform and pick her up. I have seen her once when you dropped me at BTM layout one afternoon when you went to pick her up.I wish to befriend her.I like her face.I promise I will be a good boy.Please inform her that you have taken sick and that a substitute is coming in your place.Give her some assurance that it is safe for her to travel with me..’ said Arvind

“No, it is not permitted.If the office comes to know I will lose my job.Sorry”replied Raju

“Take another Rs 500.I will ensure no harm comes to you.Won’t you do this for a friend’s sake?”asked Arvind.

Lured by the money he agreed and told him.” Here is her address and mobile number.Tell her Raju from Idiyur lake area sent you.You can tell her that I gave her name as Supriya.Please avoid any mischief.Just drop her at her office and come back.I will be waiting for you here.”

Arvind rang her up immediately telling that he was coming in lieu of Raju of Idiyur lake area who had taken suddenly ill. He expected her to raise some objection but was relieved when she said “ It is all right.I hope you will be here in 30 minutes”

Arvind’s intentions were not honest.He was gloating that in an hour the girl will be under his control and possesion.When he reached her house it was dark out side and he could not see girl’s face as she got into the vehicle. There was a nip in the air outside. She was wrapped in a shawl that half concealed her face..Arvind started the vehicle and proceeded towards Electronic city. After driving the car for about 30 minutes silently, he turned the car into a dark and desolate road.

“Why are you going in this road? Aren’t we supposed to go to Electronic city.Are you new to city or what?” she shouted

“Supriya, do not scream at the top of your voice.I know where I am going.You will reach your office no doubt but after a hour.Let us have some fun on the way.I have been wanting you for long. Be a good girl.There is no one around here and none can hear you.The doors are locked.Please understand and do not resist.Otherwise you may not reach home alive”Arvind said in a soft lecherous voice.

She was silent for a few minutes thinking about the piquant and dangerous situation she was in before she answered ”OK,stop the car.and come to the rear seat.You should not take more than 15 minutes.My office will start searching for me”

He stopped the car under a tree and jumped in joy to the back seat.The next moment he was on her imposing himself to molest her..He did not know what happened to him when a sledgehammer like blow descended on him.Before he could even let out a scream, there was a rain of blows on him totally immobilizing him.

When he opened the eyes the next day morning he found himself in a hospital with heavy bandages and plaster all over with his leg tied up to a stand .He saw a policeman standing by his side. Raju was seen with another policeman holding his hand .There was Supriya, her dad and another young lady along with a police inspector .One or two press reporters were hovering around. The doctor informed the inspector that there was a dislocation of the shoulder blade, fracture of hands and several fingers,and major injury in pelvic bone.It would take months for him to walk and may be limping thereafter.

The inspector turned to the lady and said”well done, Pushpa.” He then turned to the reporters and explained “After the recent murder of an unsuspecting lady employee of a call centre in the night, we had mounted the patrol. . There were such complaints coming frequently. We had also a night cell fully equipped to deal with such offences. It was good that Supriya’s dad alerted us on phone about change of driver.We had adequate time to send our Karate black belt holder to their place before the culprit reached..We switched persons and sent the police lady instead of Supriya in the car.She had been trained to tackle any miscreant on one to one fights.We were also following.This is again a lesson to lady employees not to fall into such traps and exercise abundant caution.”


  1. I enjoy reading your short stories. You always come up with small twists in the end. :-)

  2. Wonderful story and very attentive girl.