Wednesday, October 27, 2010

55 Word fiction


Policeman stopped the car

‘You jumped signal.Pay me Rs100’

No,I didn’t.It was green

‘I dunno.Either pay up or take the challan]

OK give me challan’

‘Show me your license’

‘See my ID card’

Vigilance commissioner
Government of ……”

Sir, excuse me.I didn’t know

Never mind.Show me your identity card

If you kiss her, you get the money you wanted

I don’t like it and in public

Take it or leave it

She may not like

She will say nothing and is within your reach

Why do you insist?

So you will not ask again

OK I need money

He produced a frog to kiss


  1. Good ones again KP, I wish that frog would transform into a beauty.

  2. May be you can start the next 55 fiction from where you left the kiss story. :)

  3. If the Officers always did their work in this fashion, India would have been a Developed country by now...In real, they ask for their share from the Policeman..hahah

    Kissing a frog...Yuck...but for Money...uhmmm..need to re-think..???

  4. Gp is that the frog that turns into a prince!!!????? :)) Amazing stories!!

  5. K.Parthasarathy: Interesting stories with a twist! You seem to be a good writer.