Saturday, October 9, 2010

The payback

It was dark and drizzling.Sakthi was speeding home in his motobike along the desolate road.He saw a young lady standing alone in the shelterless bus stand.Taking pity, he stopped the bike and asked her“Where are you going? I can drop you.It may rain heavily.Buses are also not frequent on this road”

She replied ‘,”Velacheri, near Vijaya nagar Bus stand”

“OK, sit behind, Hold me carefully” he said
She was around 24 looked attractive with a good figure though slightly dark in colour.

“Do you work nearby?” he asked

“No, I came to meet my grand ma” she replied
“Aren’t you afraid to stand alone in this lonely road alone?”

“Yes, I was waiting for the bus for a long time.” she said

“Where do you live?” she asked

“In Pallikaranai, a few miles before Velacheri.Do not worry.I will drop you at Velacheri as I have some work there” he said

She kept quiet.Vicious thoughts sprang in his minds.His wife is away at her parent’s place for delivery.He was attracted to the girl and thought she might be an easy lay.

“Are you married? Any kids?” he asked

“Yes, no child” she replied

“What is he doing?” asked Sakthi

“He died six months before”

“Oh,oh,are you living alone? What do you do for living?”

“No, my grand ma stays with me usually.But she is not with me for the last two months.I am looking for some job.Actually I am struggling for income” she said

How convenient Sakthi thought.After riding for some time,he stopped the motorbike opposite to his house.I have to take some parcel to Velacheri.It will take ten minutes.Won’t you come in?” he asked

“Is your family inside?”she asked

“No.they have gone to village.I am alone.Do not fear” he said

After a few minutes he thrust Rs.1000 in her hand and said “Keep it with you.You said you are in difficulties”.When she hesitated, he put his arm around her and said”Do not worry.I can give you regularly”

She tried to free herself .But he did not let go his grip and pulled her closer.

She said ”Please do not proceed .Stop it.It is not proper.”

“Please my dear girl,do not spurn me.I will take care of you always.No one will know”he said as he drew her face towards him.

“Please stop.You will regret for your action.You are already married with kids” she protested

“Never mind..I need you”he said and imposed himself on her.After some resistance, she let him have his way.She was quiet thereafter.He took her in his motor bike and dropped her at her residence.

“We will meet regularly here henceforth.You will no more have any financial worries.You told me your husband died six months before.What work was he doing? Was it in an accident or what?”he asked

“No,he was a lorry driver”she replied

“He was not a good man.He died of Aids” she mumbled

The earth below appeared to give way as he realized the Himalayan blunder he had committed.


  1. Dear Partha,
    Good Afternoon!
    I don't want her to be be a prey.Values and culture make a lot of difference.
    And the message is strong to the society.
    As bloggers,we do have a duty while the words flow.
    It was an amazing evening with Sobhana and her Maya Ravan.
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  2. Dost, Good one...its been long time I have been here..Was really busy with work and home...Anyways gone thru all the posts today and want to comment on many of them..Would say, really loved some of ur limited words Fiction...Keep writing daily..I would surely, see to it tht I am also up-to date to this blog...

  3. Hmm I figured it out in the beginning...very happy for the man ...who is a beast indeed.