Thursday, October 14, 2010

A scary night

His car broke down luckily near a sleepy village.It was only 10pm but all the lights had been put out and the viilage was totally dark. Fortunately he saw one house at the end of village away from other houses with a light on.When he opened the gate it creaked.The pathway was littered with dry leaves and dust.The plants looked withered in the dull light emanating from the room.He gently knocked the door.It opened after some delay by an old man whose eyelids seemed heavy with sleep.

“I am stranded here.Can I stay one night? I will go early in the morning”

“Why not? It may not be comfortable The rooms are dusty as servants are not there.You can occupy my room in ground floor.I will sleep in the first floor” he said

“Thanks for permitting me to stay a night here, Sir”

“In case you are disturbed during night, feel free to approach me” he said as he climbed slowly the rusty stairs.
The bed smelt stale.There were cobwebs and soot hanging all around.But he was so sleepy he had no mind to worry about them.He hit the bed and soon fell into deep sleep. It was around 1am.A clock struck some where.He woke up with a slight start.It was raining outside.He looked around and did not like the sight.He wished to get away.He had four hours more for the dawn.He decided to leave at 5am and hoped the car would start.

It was then he thought he heard the sound of someone gently knockng at his bed room door.He was not sure and waited to see whether there would be a knock again.There was again the knock.He wondered whether the old man wanted something.He opened and found none in the darkness around.He closed the door.In a few minutes there was again the knock.He kept his ears on the door.It was only on his doors.He quickly opened to see again none.A chill went up his spine as he quickly shut the door. He decided to ignore the knock till it was dawn.

Soon thereafter there was the unmistakable knock.He kept quiet.The knock became persistent and louder.When he opened he saw a figure that was not clearly visible.But he heard”Why do you sleep in my room?”

He replied with fear choking his throat and hairs standing on their ends”The old man allowed me”
The figure did not reply but vanished all on a sudden sending creepy feeling..He closed the door and turned towards the bed.He saw someone sleeping on the bed with blanket wrapped over the entire body.He jumped in fear and came out of the room.He ran up the stairs and knocked at the doors.It looked eternity before the doors opened.He was perspiring heavily and his shirt was drenched.But there was none in the room..Panic gripped him.He turned to go down and saw the old man climbing up the stairs.

“Hey what happened?I came down to your room to see whether everything was ok.But I found your bed empty and so came back wondering where you were” the old man said.

“You found my bed empty?” he asked

“Yes, did you see anyone occupying it?”

“Yes, someone was sleeping on my bed.That is why I rushed to you”

“I am sorry I should have told you before hand.That room is haunted.That is why I told you that I hoped you would be comfortable’

Oh my god, when I came to your room I found it was closed when I knocked. But then when the door opened strangely I did not find you also.I am wondering who opened the door.I am pretty scared”

“Oh oh.I am so sorry.That room is also haunted.I had no heart to turn you out when you came requesting for accommodation”

“How do you then live without fear in this wretched place that is haunted by ghosts” he asked

The old man laughed in a queer manner and said “What can I do? I only live here for as long as I can remember.No one visits my place.You are the first one after a long time.Go and sleep in your roomI will not disturb you again.I will go to my place”

When the young man heard the words” I will not disturb you again’ he froze in fear and found the figure had vanished abruptly again.He ran helter skelter towards the front door that would not open easily.He jumped over a window that had no grill and ran as fast as his legs could carry.The eerie and loud laughter was chasing him right upto the front gate.

He lay on the grass far away from the house for the dawn to come.The air was chill but was different from the chillness he had felt in the house.When the morning light came slowly he turned to see a dilapidated building half broken with no roofs, no doors and no windows.Spooky he thought,as he walked towards his car.


  1. Right on time for Halloween!! Spooky and Weird!

  2. Gp you can write a terrific script for a horror movie :) Nice one!

  3. All spooky stories coming up. Ok. I believe it is the season.

  4. spooky..saw similar type of story other day on I can visualise evn:)

  5. i lover horror stories.. write more of them!