Sunday, October 24, 2010

55 Word fiction

A weakness

A high ranking elderly politician though happily married with grownup children had a weakness for beautiful women.
Constant tours provided him opportunities.

In the sprawling meeting ground he saw the young beauty approaching him being stopped by his security.

He shooed them away by beckoning her .

He lifted her happily as she bent down.

Boooom…she was a suicde bomber.
The worried elderly woman brought the young beauty with her dark eyes .

The doc came out with grim face after examination.

“She is pregnant” he said

“Oh my god, I never allowed her alone without one of us.A sweet innocent thing ...How did it ever happen?”

"With dogs around, the bitch is never safe”


  1. @ the politician...

    serves his good..wish it happened to every single corrupt and selfish and dirty politicians...instead of using women for suicide bombing..why dont they use some mannequins..hehe!!

    @ the Dogs and the bitch...

    Lol...the suspense u create is fabulous...and wht u said at the end is right...with the dogs around the bitch can never be safe..hahahaha!!!

  2. You are really good at creating stories!!!

  3. Everything is instant, even punishment!

    And ha, ha...@ the bitch getting pregnant inspite of being under the watchful eyes of her masters :D

  4. Wow, u tell a story well and especially 55 fiction is too good

  5. I second chitra, you are good at creating stories.:)

  6. ha ha ha...poor politician, he got the best vindication!

    that bitch, you gave a funny twist! another round of *laughter* from me!

  7. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    Let the beauties live long.:)Give lif,to characters Partha;I do feel bad.
    Imagination and creativity;hats off to you!
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  8. Serves the politician right! :D

    And the second story, the twist was nice. I may be reading between the lines but it seems to have other connotations too!

  9. these two were coool!! :) loved both of them!

  10. I liked the second one...very good!