Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The call on the mobile

I met Ranjana for the first time in college canteen.I had collected two plateful of various items as I was famished and was sitting in a table near the counter.I was about to start eating when I heard her shrill voice in anger.She was questioning how the canteen people can tell her that there were no items left when it was not the time for closure.They were pleading their helplessness.I went to her and bluffed that I had bought dishes for my friend also who had failed to turn up. She looked at me suspiciously.I gave her a charming smile and asked her to join me without fuss.She readily agreed.
Her long dark hair draped over her shoulders and her brown eyes were simply captivating.She was good looking and pleasant.It was a case of love at first sight. We became inseparable, intimate and spent together most of the times.We were waiting for the course to be completed before marrying. It so happened that we could not do that as I had to go abroad to pursue my studies. We maintained contact initially through flow of emails but this dried up in course of time.
When I came after two years I learnt she had married Vivek, a close buddy of mine.I came to know of this only when I went to his house once.He didn’t know that we were lovers though he knew we studied together .She hadn’t also told him about our friendship.The old embers of our love was still burning and I could see it from her eyes but we reconciled to the destiny and maintained a distance from each other. He was in the Army Head Quarters and I used to visit him often till he was posted to the front. She moved to Meerut immediately where her parents were living. Again I lost touch with him and Ranjana.
It was after a year that I was proceeding to Meerut in car. It was winter and the day was short. As I was nearing Meerut the mobile phone rang up. I did not want to answer while driving in the dark.It rang again and again. I stopped the car at the side of the road.I could not make out who the person was from the number
When I answered the ring with a hello, the voice was clear.”Naresh, Vivek here.I am glad I could remember your number.I need an urgent help from you.”
I was confused and asked “Which Vivek?”
“You buddhu, It is Ranjana’s husband.Don’t waste time.Go straight to Ranjana’s house.She needs you there immediately.Go and help her.Do you have her address.Here it is” he said
“What is the sort of help she may need? I will be there for about a fortnight on some work.If it is urgent, why don’t you come yourself?” I asked
“Huh, huh, I know I would very much like to. But placed as I am I cannot come.She may not tell you the nature of help she may need.You know she is very shy.It is here you must tell her that I had spoken to you and that I was very particular that you should help..She may not believe you.”
“What do I do then? How can I prove her that you spoke to me? She may not like my visiting her in your absence.”
“That is no problem. I think she will welcome you.But you tell her of two instances which only we two know to prove that I had spoken to you”” he said
“Why don’t you ring her up yourself and tell her that I will be coming?” I rebutted
“I cannot for some reasons.Please do not ask much questions.I have no time.Please tell her of the first kiss I planted on her in Chandigarh rose garden and about the bracelet I left when I was there on the last occasion for her birthday in the Godrej shelf without her knowledge to surprsie her in the next birthday.She might not have seen.I have hidden it in a sari of hers.Tell her that I want her to be with you and not remain alone till I return. She may refuse.Please cajole her and make her agree.I will be beholden to you” He said
Then the line was disconnected abruptly .I tried to dial him again.But the received call was missing .I was surprised.I had no number of his.She will not believe me.
It was around 8-30pm that I rang her bell.She was surprised to see me.She looked wan, pulled down and rather plain in her nightie.She reeled off many questions. ”Naresh, how come you are here? How did you know I am living here? What brought you here?”
I said “Patience, Please give me a cup of tea and biscuits.I will tell you in detail.”
When she laid the tea and snacks on the centre table I said”In fact I myself had any idea of visiting you or did I know your address.It was enroute here Vivek rang up and asked me to meet you.”
Even before completing she spoke in a shrieking voice with disbelief ”Vivek spoke to you on your way here,you say?”
“Yes,Ranjana.He was speaking for about fifteen minutes and wanted me to help you.He didn’t say what is the nature of help but that I should remain with you till he returns.Are you depressed or what because he is out of station? I really do not understand” I said

“What crap you are talkng, Naresh? You want me to belive your cock and bull story.”she replied in caustic tone.
“He knew that and asked me to tell you about the two things.Your first kiss at rose garden in chandigarh and the bracelet in the godrej shelf for your birthday” I replied
“Naresh, Stop it.Vivek is dead and gone eight months ago.You tell me that he spoke to you and ask me to believe you.”
I was shocked and there was a creeping fear passing thro my backbone.I suggested that we go and check the shelf..We went up and found hidden in a sari that she rarely wore the box with the new bracelet.She was astounded and broke down crying “Vivek, how can you do this to me?”
It look long time for me to console her as she placed her head on my shoulders crying inconsolably and make her believe about Vivek’s desire that I should be by her side in his place.
The old embers started coming to life again.


  1. You kept me glued right from the word go.I realized that i was not breathing when i completed reading.You for sure know how to keep the readers come back for more :)
    Different strokes of destiny
    Yeh dil maangae more

  2. Its wonderful to say the least ..!

    I completely second Avin..! He said everything what i felt..:)

  3. Dear Kp,
    As a story it was a beautiful one and loved the flow and the union in the end,but could hve left a clue on y she dint wait for him,the depth of their love is in question,if that depth too was concreted the end would have brought more beautiful moments to the reader.Keep writing... love is always a favourite subject for me ,thats y :)

  4. A gripping story. Has all flavors - romance, suspense, tragedy! Loved reading it. As usual very well written.

  5. Really interesting. Leaves the reader with a lot of questions!!

  6. Dear Partha,
    a different story from you which is very interesting.why partha,they were inseparable,intimate n spent most of the time together.still,they had to part their ways.when i staretd believing in true love these days,please don't frighten me.:)
    these days,distance is not a problem,partha.the news spread fast through face book n orkut;including the photos.
    anyways,hey,i could feel the spark of romance in your post.any ranjana in the past?:)grow younger n be inspiring as usual.
    good night with hearty congrats as you've left the reunion so exciting..............

  7. Interesting story with happy ending :-)

  8. I dont like generic comments so i comment generically in a non-generic way " " Your post was True'ly' Nice sugar coated coconut Biscuit" hehehe ;)

  9. You're quite into ghosts nowaday Mr.Kp, wats up! :)

  10. its such a beautiful story...i can feel da pain it frm wthin....i can see why you asked me to check the blog...I loved the story...
    True love will never end...
    Take care...

  11. Wow...You kept me glued. I was least expecting Vivek to die. My! Amazing work. KP, you must publish a collection of these delightful stories.

  12. Was it too melodramatic? And what is it? You experimenting with supernatural?

  13. Hi,

    You kept the suspense till the last but death of Vivek was least expected!! You carried the story well, but i agree with some of the comments that why Ranjana left her first love was not clear.Everything else superb!!

  14. awesome partha...a classic again.
    its fun to end my day wit ur lovely stories...thanks so much

  15. aw.. great.. seems like i missed a lot of reading in here.. and liked the story.. :)