Saturday, September 12, 2009

Was it a mistaken identity?

Saranya generally bought her provisions and vegetables from the local Indian stores. Infact she went to the store twice a week to get fresh vegetables. Being new to US the Gujarati owner helped her in telling what things are best available from where.It was less than six months she came to this small town in Massachusette. Ravi had provided her with a car for her to move about without depending on him. The afternoons invariabally saw her moving to the local mall, Target, Wallmart, Home Depot and the county library. She could take countless number of books though she was a slow reader.She liked the place very much.. Ravi was very affectionate and loving husband. The newly married life seemed to be all hunkydory.. On the weekends especially the long ones they invariabally went to nearby picnic spots. Ravi’s brother who was also married around the same time was living in Newyork. They had visited her place about a fortnight back.
Life went on smoothly till one afternoon she went to the Indian stores. There were hardly any customers in the stores except one person at the far end. When she had picked up her purchases and proceeded to cash counter for making payment the Gujarati owner looked at her a little longer than usual.
He said,”You are like my daughter in age; Forgive me if I ask you one personal question. You seem to have been newly married because I am seeing you only since last few months. Is your husband nice and affectionate to you?”
“Why do you ask, Uncle? He is a very loving and caring person.We are extremely happy” She replied
“In that case I am happy too” he said
“You would not have asked the question without some reason.Pray, tell me why you were prompted to ask me such a question.Please be frank.”she asked
He tried to avoid replying but when she persisted , he said ”I have seen you and your husband many times as both of you come to the store frequently.A few days back I saw him come with another young Indian lady of your age with his arm around her shoulders.Shocked as I was I watched him carefully from the corner of my eyes.She did not look like a friend from the way they stood close to each other almost touching ,jabbing the chest,holding the hands,,lot of meaningless giggles and what not. .I disliked him from that very moment.I wanted to check with you.I would advise you to keep a careful watch.I would not wish my daughter to be in your position.”
“Could there be any mistake in identity of my husband?” she asked
“I am hundred percent sure as my nose on my face.He is the culprit.I am sure”he repled.

She became worried.She could never imagine Ravi doing such things.He is from a very decent family.Nevertheless she decided to watch his movements.When he went to office, she opened his cupboard and searched all the dresses.She saw his personal papers and literalyy scanned his diary microscopically for names and numbers.When he went to bathroom ,she checked his mobile.She overheard his conversations.She smelt him for any new perfume.She rang him up at the office at odd intervals that he admonished her for disiturbing.She checked the duration of time for reaching home since he left office.All seemed perfect.There was nothing to indicate anything fishy.She had become irritable and frigid in the evenings.She picked up quarrel for no reason.
Ravi asked her one day”Hey Saranya, What has happened to you? You have changed a lot suddenly.What is bothering you? Are you bored in the house? Shall I install TV connection for 24 hour Indian programmes? Tell me frankly.”
She would not tell anything.She said there was nothing wrong except that she had some personal discomfort and that she would be fine in a few days..She tried since then not to exhibit her irascbility and decided to wait for something to happen.
It was a week later Ravi’s brother Ramesh had to come on urgent official work for a week..His wife Sujata also insisted that she would come along having nothing much to do at home.They drove the distance in their car.There was a return to the fun and frolic when the two brothers joined.The sisters-in-law were also very happy.There was Krishna Jayanthi the next day.Saranya wanted to buy butter, gur and some flour to make some special preparations.All of them went to Indian stores..Ramesh was taking on his mobile outside the store.When Ravi, Saranya and Sujata entered the stores, there was some brightness in the eyes of the owner.When they were picking up the groceries,the Gujarati owner came silently near Saranya and whispered in her ears “This is the girl with whom I saw your husband.I am definite about it”
Saranya could not suppress her laughter and called Ramesh, Ravi and Sujata to come atonce. .When the Gujarati owner saw the two brothers, he almost fainted and said with a sheepish grin ” I bet you both look identical,.a photocopy,I should say” He looked at Saranya and said sorry
He didn’t know that Ravi and Ramesh were identical twins and that Ramesh had visited the store with Sujata on the earlier visit.Saranya asked Ravi to remove forthwith his mustache, change his hair style and the spectacle frame to distinguish him from his brother.


  1. Cooollll.......Really Beautiful Story :) :D :)

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  3. Loved This Story A Lot :D Lovely Post :) :)

  4. "She picked up quarrel for no reason."This is always the reason for breaking up relations.instead,we should speak out and clear every thing in our mind.when we speak out every thing there wont be any scope for doubts..right?A nice read,uncle.

  5. :)...:) i'm in all smiles now ..:)

    Good one..but Saranya should have given a thought for the twin brother of Ravi, as she knew both of them very well..

    any ways, she didnt cry at Ravi..that was the good part of her ..:)

    Liked the story,,:)

  6. Trust is a key element in every relationship.. more so in marriages.. Believing hearsay and gossip without giving a chance to your partner to explain is a sign of a narrow mind.. As Pramoda says, she should thought about the twin....

  7. well,, i envy of your being so good at your craft...

    you're born with the gift of writing..

    not everyone can do it you know...

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  8. Trust is the base in marital relationship.......if she was so hurt she could hv confronted her husband. Well if she had done then.... there would be no story.....vithyasamana story...

  9. Dear Partha,
    i could guess the suspense!your story reminded me about maza n nanda a lot!they always tell me about the gujarati store!i could relate very well.i loved this story.
    hey,partha,if we have such wonderful shopkeepers who keep a steady watch on husbands,wives will be so relieved.:)
    and you didn't forget to mention about Sree Krishna Jayanthi!we had butter,avil nivedyam,n payasam here at AYYAPPA TEMPLE,for KRISHNA POOJA.
    happy sunday!

  10. Now that is cool....I am becoming your fan with every passing day!

  11. lol...good one.liked the suspense u kept us lingering into and finally broke the secret of the twins!!
    tons of stories for me today!!