Monday, September 21, 2009

Madhavan and the ghost

Madhavan Namboodiri in his early forties was a pious man given to religious ways and spiritual pursuits. A great devotee of Guruvayurappan, he remained a bachelor much to the chagrin of his aged mother and sister. He worked in a clerical position in a central government office in Kerala for many years. With some reorganization in the department, the setup in Kerala was wound up and he was transferred to some nondescript town in Chattisgarh.He didn’t make much fuss and quietly accepted the transfer. It was a small town and he had no friends there. When he reached the place early one morning a colleague by name Mohanti had come to receive him. All his possessions were a medium sized box, bedding and a shoulder bag.
He was given the option to choose one of the two accommodations available. One was close to bazaar in a thickly populated area. The other one was slightly away but closer to a temple. It was in a secluded spot with houses scattered in the area. Madhavan chose the latter for the quiet surroundings and the proximity to the temple. There was a kitchen that suited him as he cooked his own food.
The colleague looked hesitant to proceed further. Madhavan asked him “Why what is the problem? This is a small independent house. I can pursue my religious and spiritual activities unhampered. The rent is also much lower though an independent house. I prefer this.”
Mohanti said, ” I understand your reasons. Do you know why the rent is low though the house is independent? “
“Tell me whatever be the reason” he replied
Mohanti in hushed tone whispered, “People say this house is haunted and visited by a ghost. That is why this remains unoccupied for long. You are new to the place and alone. Secondly this house is very old and dilapidated by long disuse. I would advise you to choose the other one till you find a good place.”
“Please do not worry. I am not afraid of ghosts. I can tackle them when they appear” Madhavan replied with a smile.
Madhavan moved in after the house was cleaned. In the evening he lit the lamp before the picture of Guruvayurappan and prayed for sometime. The night passed off peacefully with no incident. Mohanti when he heard of this heaved a sigh of relief.
The next day Madhavan retired to bed after the usual prayers of recitation of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam and Spartan dinner. It was around twelve he woke up with an uneasy feeling of heaviness on the chest. He sat up and drank water. He felt better. When he lied down, he felt some heavy object pressing him as if someone was sitting on him. He knew that this had nothing to do with his body and was inclined to agree with Mohanti.But Madhavan was a brave man not easily ruffled. He sat up and recited Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam.The heaviness left immediately. He went on reciting the sloka till 2am.When he went to bed again there was no such recurrence. He did not mention this to Mohanti.But this continued in the subsequent days too. He prayed with greater fervour to his God to free him from this unwelcome attention by the strange nocturnal visitor. Madhavan had to sit up and continue with recitation till 2am.His sleep was disturbed but he hoped that ‘it’ would give up harassing him.
It was on the fifth day when he lied down to sleep at 2am, the heaviness and choking feeling came with greater force. He felt he was being crushed by unbearable weight. He could not even sit up. He cried repeatedly “Oh Guruvayurappa! Why are you putting me through all this hardship? I leave it in your hands”
Whether it was in answer to his prayer or not, he felt the pressure fade away. He could discern yonder in the room near the door a form white in colour signaling him with its hand to follow him. When he sat still stupefied at the apparition, it continued to beckon him frantically to get up and follow it
Madhavan got up uttering the name ‘Narayana, Narayana’ repeatedly even as he followed it. When he came out of the house behind it, he saw it vanished abruptly to his great surprise. He simultaneously heard a great rumbling sound behind him and witnessed as he turned the house collapsing completely into rubbles.
He was shocked beyond words unable to realize the full impact of the incident. It was bizarre and supernatural. What was the form that beckoned him out apparently to save him? Was it the one who sat on his chest causing unbearable physical and mental strain? Could it be a messenger of God whom he had been incessantly praying coming to his succour? Was it a ghost as mentioned by Mohanti unrelated to the incident and the collapse a coincidence?
He had no answer and would leave it to you to unravel.


  1. i want the unraveling part...sequel please!!

  2. Yeah, I think it is you have to unravel it sir. :)

  3. Very Interesting, many people complain of heaviness...the world is full of mysteries and the que that occurs is will we be able to unravel them...this remains a mystery.

  4. Namaste.....
    Interesting piece....the world if full of mysteries.

  5. Plz give us the story, oh great story teller! ;)

  6. For all such kind of qsns and such kind of incidents, my answer would be the same..

    he must have thought too much and that propably could have hurted him very ghost etc..