Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gates of Heaven

Amudha Patti (grandma) as she was known is a frail old woman past her eighties.Her vison had gone dim and hearing impaired.Her limbs had grown so weak that she needed a walker to go to the toilet.Otherwise she was mostly in her bed.There were no major ailments and it appeared to her that her end was not anywhere near.But oflate she was falling sick frequently with minor ailments like cough,cold fever,wheezing, and making her dependent on others.She lay there most of the time watching the white ceiling and the revolving fan.Loneliness enveloped her as the body became weak rendering her immobile.With all her handicaps she was in no position to divert her mind to TV or music.
As she lay there she pondered over her past life.A smile visited her face as she thought of her younger days when she had like a queen ruled her house consisting of her soft natured husband who was a leading advocate and their seven sons and two daughters.Her writ prevailed over the house and none questioned her.It was affluent days with no want.She was kind to her daughters-in-law but firm never allowing them to claim any intimacy.There were many servants,two cooks in the sprawling house.The front hall had always many juniors and clients with non stop supply of coffee and refreshments.There was then happiness, the patter of small grandchildren, laughter, love and joy in the small world around her.It all looked like a distant dream.
Today she lay in a small room at the rear of an apartment.She lived with her second son as all the others were living abroad.Even the two daughters were in cities in Northern India.Both son and daughter-in-law were mostly away at work.They had no children.She kept the food on the table and coffee in a flask.There was none to assist the old woman.It was silence and monotony all through the day.Even when they returned home, they never talked to her much..The daughter-in-law used to frown and make faces at the stench that emanated from toilet.Amudha Patti never heard her comments anyway but knew she was not happy.It is the boredom and loneliness that killed her.She saw no purpose in living and wished that God would take her to heavens.The failing heath, neglect, emotional stress and concealed mental abuse in the dusk of her life made her depressed and yearn for deliverance.She was constantly praying to God
One Sunday when she was telling her daughter-in-law that she hoped that God would take her soon to heavens, she asked tauntingly with sarcasm “Amma do you think the gates of heaven are kept open for you to enter at your will? How can you be so sure that you will go to heaven? Do you have the key for it by any chance?
Amudha kept quiet and that night prayed intensely to God “ Hare Krishna , don’t ditch me on any count.Please take me to your feet.I do not wish to live anymore.I have no guts to put an end to my life.I totally depend on you for deliverance.”She went on praying amidst cries for His grace till she dozed away to sleep.This went on for three days pushing the poor woman to extreme misery and dejection.
It was on fourth day she had a dream in which Lord Krishna appeared and assured her “Patti, do not worry.I have heard your prayers.The gates of heaven will be open for you and you will have the key before long.Trust me and have no worry.”
The lady woke up with a start and was greatly surprised and relieved by the assurance of God. .Peace and calm descended on her face at what she believd to be God’s message to her.
It was past 7am and when the son and daughter-in-law did not hear the lady getting up, they went in to find her in eternal sleep.The daughter-in-law saw her clutched right hand.Surprised she opened the fingers to find a key to her great amazement and wonder.


  1. Extremely Heart Touching :) :) Beautiful Story :D :D

  2. Nice story Sir... When the heart seeks something earnestly, God will oblige...


  3. dear partha,
    such a touching post!by the end my eyes were moist!i could visualize plight pattiyamma has undergone!so sad,really miserable!and old age needs company with love n caring!
    by the way,who knows when i will get the key?

  4. Faith helps always. But times are when the old retreat to a world of their own leaving the family in the background clueless. I have seen many cases where after a while, the old person looses touch with reality completely and from that day onwards, the family suffers. it is painful for all involved. Only prayer on lips is to leave without much problems.
    Very touching,the blog, as always.

  5. Very beautifully written. The story made me really emotional and bought tears to my eyes. Very touching!

  6. I forgot to add this to my earlier comment. Its not just the story, you also post such apt pictures. Lovely!

  7. Very well written and touching, sometimes life just closes all doors and the one which is approachable seems locked, its then that the key of prayers open all doors for welcoming us towards a new beginning.

  8. lol...dont ditch me on any count...the grandma was very cute...loved the way u ended the was the perfect blessed ending, cudnt be better!!

  9. thanks for the lovely stories partha...u r the best bedtime storyteller!!

  10. hmmm Death is a pleasure when living is hell. But i dont think God will give a ticket to heaven just for praying 3 days. You have to deserve to go there sympathy is meaningless when it comes to this.

  11. Heartwarming!! Just goes to show that God sides those who are shunned by others!

  12. i think i came at the right time..
    1) coz this morning we all woke up with a sad news that one of our neighbors passed away....
    he wasnt old and praying to be taken to heven by the way ..

    2) this is a differnt one from you sir ... a doble doze of imagination n creativity there!

  13. Krishna coming in her dream and talking to her..

    What more can she ask for? Nothing, because she has been given the best of all.

    Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,
    Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare..

  14. That was a really touching story. Loved the last part! You are a wizard KP! :)

  15. heyy..vryy b'full story,full of feelings, depicting the reality..!!
    God bless..!!!

  16. Darling, have a lovely weekend.

    Love, Hugs & Tea
    Duchess ♥♥♥

  17. This post reminded me of my lovely grandma's last days,when the so called dear and near ones stood around waiting to see her soul depart,and constantly muttering,"why this delay..we have to reach back home.there are a lot of work pending..."
    An eye-wetting post.

  18. Touching one uncle.. may her soul be happy