Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The saviour

The inner road was desolate and the road dark.Pramila quickened her steps to reach the brightly lit main road fast.The main road was some distance away.She could see two people following her.As she crossed to the other side , she could see that one was a neatly clad middle aged around fifty and the other in early twenties..The youngster was abridging the gap with her by hastening his step.She wished she were nearer the middle aged guy whom she felt would be reliable and safer to walk with than the younger man in his jeans and gaudy striped shirt.She stopped and turned back waiting for the middle aged man who was a little behind to join. Just then a Maruti Omni came and stopped by the older man and he got into it.
Pramila was now scared as only the young man was behind her.She started praying to God and wished some other passers by would appear.It was then the Maruti van came very close to her and in a jiffy before she realised what was happening she was pulled in and the vehicle sped away.She was immediately gagged and blindfolded.Her hands and legs were tied and she could from the odour of the alchohol and the physical proximity sense the presence of two men on either side of her.
After what looked liked an eternity, the vehicle stopped and she was dragged to the first floor and pushed on a bed.There was silence for a while therafter.She could not scream or see. Her hands were tied tight and she could do nothing with her teeth.The bed was soft.She was terrified at the likely harm that can befall her.She was an unmarried young woman of 23 years working in a private company.She was always afraid of that long stretch of dimly lit road and left office early.As ill luck would have it she was held up this day and others had left.
It was then she heard a creak of the door and sound of footsteps approaching the bed.Someone came and sat close by her side and caressed her hair gently.The stench of liquor assailed her nose.She tried to sit up but was pushed down with a ssssh.The man’s fingers stroked her cheeks and touched her lips.He then in a soft voice said “ I am sorry for you but I need you badly.I have been watching you for months and desired you.It was made possible only today.You can either make it a pleasurable experience if you do not resist or make it a struggle.The outcome in any case would be the same.Be smart and realise that there is no help nearby for you to access.My men are outside.I will give you good money and have you dropped near your residence within an hour if you quietly cooperate.”
She shook her head and tried to shout through her gagged mouth.Like a cat playing with a mouse, he ignored her muted pleas and started gradually disrobing her. He kept on talking in his soft voice telling her not to be afraid, that he would be gentle and that she would soon be free to go home.As his face came near hers to kiss her, she could not bear the stench and started getting the feeling of throwing up.Unmindful he went about his task of removing her upper garments and she could feel his fingers stroking her at inappropriate places. Bound as she was, she could do little to stop his advances and was aware that she would be ruined in a matter of few minutes.It was then she prayed intensely to God to save her from this ignominy.
Even as she gave up her struggle, as if in answer to her prayer, the door was pushed open.She could hear noises of booted steps and the odorous man being pulled away from her bare body.She could hear hard slaps on someone and orders from somebody to fasten the man’s hands.She did not know whether the men who had come were saviours or rivals and she was too afraid and shocked to undersatnd the happenings.
She could feel a strong hand remove the blindfold and untie the rope on her hands. She saw a young police man throwing a couple of bedsheets on her for covering and heard him tell her ”You are safe now.Lucky that we could come in the nick of time before any damage could be done.Lucky also the police control car was in the vicinity of the place of abduction.It was all possible thanks to a good Samaritan who noted down the van number and gave promptly 100 the information.It was his quick action and our being closeby helped in saving you.He is waiting outside.Dress yourself well as we stand outside.”
Once she was ready, he came in again and said “Please inform your home on my mobile.You must come with us along with the young man to the police station and give a written statement while we detain this scoundrel and his accomplices in our custody.It will be over in thirty minutes.Please obllige.”
As she came out of the room she saw to her amazement and surprise the young man, whom she feared and instead preferred the middle aged man, sitting on a chair.The policeman said ”He is your saviour.But for him you would have been ruined and possibly sold to a brothel in a distant state.”
Pramila realised her fooliishness in judging people in haste by appearance even as she folded her hands in namaste to the young man in etrnal gratitude..


  1. Dear Partha,
    hey,i'm the first one to comment;cool:)
    good samaritans always live.i strongly believe.
    incidents like this do happen very often.the fairer sex has to be very careful.
    and pramila n her saviour staretd liking each other n it turned to love.:)
    they tied the knot n lived happily everafter.:)
    the moral of the story is still youngsters are more reliable than the middle aged.:)
    partha,jokes apart,an interesting story!
    good night n happy blogging!

  2. Good one!! Sometimes we make up opinions about people in haste based on their appearances and we are proven wrong many a time. This story depicts one such instance.

  3. PG15 PG15...rape scene on the blog!!

  4. quick we get wit our judgements, and turn up making a complete fool of ourselves!!

  5. Beware of older men is the moral of the story! ;)
    On a serious note, this is a very grave problem women working everywhere face. Some are lucky enough to escape while some others are not. Glad that your story ended on a positive note...

  6. Appearances deceives.
    But then human brain tends to believe what it sees than reasoning it.
    Thanks for showing the youngster in a better light :)

  7. Yeah ,U really cant trust smeone blindly...The problem with todays wrld is that thr are more hypocrites than honest men.
    Take care dear,very nicely written.