Sunday, September 13, 2009

The evil influence

I was sitting in the park watching the children play on the slides and swings.The weather was pleasant. A young man of about thirty came and sat by my side in the vacant bench. Idid not pick any conversation with him engrossed as I was with the children.When I turned, I saw him staring at me.To make matters comfortable I smiled at him..He returned the smile with an unusual grin and then said “Sir, if you can spare me some time I wish to get some matter of doubt cleared. I will not take much of your time,”
I had nothing in particular to attend to and agreed to listen to him
He asked “Do I look a normal person? People consider me slightly insane.Even in the office where I was working; they terminated my services without assigning any reason.But I overheard them telling my wife when we went to collect the final payment,that the job was still open when I became normal. I am normal already .Can a normal person become normal again,Sir.What a crazy thing they are telling?.But my wife did not protest and quietly accepted the payment.Luckily she is working as a teacher and the loss of job has not affected us much.She is afraid to leave me alone in the house as if I am a baby and locks the kitchen door .I am unable to make coffee for myself and the one left in flask doesn’t taste good.Sir tell me whether I am not normal?”
I kept quiet for sometime.He spoke English fluently, was well dressed and gave no outward indication of any abnormality.Yet the incidents he narrated showed him in odd light.
I told him “Please proceed.You were talking about some matter of doubt.”
He continued “I forgot to mention one thing.My wife is very talented.She is extremely beautiful and when we go out for walk to the park all heads turn to look back.That makes me uneasy and I stare at them in return.My wife tells me that I should not be suspicious and react in public like that.She threatened she would stop comng out with me if I behaved like that. .Sir, am I wrong in my getting upset, if someone stares at my wife deliberately with wrong intentions.She does not understand that I am doing this only to protect her but she is very good person.I love her most in the world and would not allow any harm to come to her.”
He stopped for a while and looked at me.I told him I was listening and asked him to continue.
“There were two incidents that made my wife very angry with me.Even the neighbours in my colony came to fight with me.There is a dog in the colony that always comes and sits opposite my flat.Oflate it barks at me whenever it sees me.It remains quiet even if the hawkers come or the children throw stones at it.Day before yesterday when I was sitting in the verandah,it started barking at me continuously.My wife was away.I asked it to remain quiet.It did not pay any heed but barked more ferociously.I lost my temper and with a big stone I threatened to hit it. Sir, I must tell you one thing here.Of late I find someone else takes over me often when I least expect.That person is evil minded, I am sure.He must have taken possession of me and hit the dog with the stone.When the dog was hurt badly and cried in pain all came running.The person who took possession of me vanished leaving me facing the angry neighbours.It was sad to know the dog died later in the evening.My wife was greatly upset and was crying the whole night.This was a small matter.There was one incident today.I wish to tell you in detail.With that my story would come to an end and you will have to clarify my doubt.
I asked him”Tell me quickly.It is getting late.People are leaving the park.”
“Today after noon my wife had come earlier from school.I had gone to the nearby shop to drink a coke.When I came back, I saw the treasurer of the colony talking smilingly to my wife in a pleasant manner.She was also laughing.When I entered both stopped smiling and the treasurer’s face became tight.I could see fear in the eyes of my wife. She knew that I never liked the treasurer for he always took undue interest in her and would ask her for payment of monthly maintenance instead of me.I don’t know what took possession of me.Suddenly I flew into a rage.I was not the normal person I am.My wife got scared. She had told me that whenever the evil person took over me,,I twich my left eyes several times.She must have seen the twitching..She pleaded with me to calm down and requested him to leave immdiately.I blocked his way.I asked him “How dare you come to my house when I was not here?”
He said in a trembling tone “I came to collect the overdue maintenance and your wife was talking about the new Year prgramme.It is hardly three minutes and you came.I was not aware you had gone out.”
It was then this eveil person took possession of me.I never knew where he was waiting.I lost my cool and discarded my normal courteous behaviourI shouted at him “I know your dirty intensions.I have been watching you cast your lustful eyes often on her.and you will pay today the price for it.”
The evil iperson in me took a wooden stool and hit him hard on his head.My wife’s scream brought the neighbours.They overpowered me.The injury was not serious.I heard they were trying to make me go out of the colony.They didn’t say where I should go.My wife was crying.I became normal when the wicked man left me soon there after and I came away unnoticed to the park.Now tell me whether I am not normal or not?”
I looked around.It was getting dark.The crowd had thinned down.I told him “I see you are normal.I haven’t seen you when the evil person is in possession of you.The best thing would be to consult a doctor.”
The moment I said this, I saw his left eye started twitching. Scared I took to my heels as fast as my legs would carry..


  1. Lol! The ending was really superb sir :-)

    A gripping story about split-personality. Well narrated!

    Have a nice time :-)

  2. Ending was really superb.:)
    have a nice day.:)

  3. ha ha!!! one can even fool someone like this!! nice fun filled story!

  4. Lol....Fantastic Story :D Double role of person :D very well described :D :)

  5. Hi KP!

    nice story...deep meaning, one would have to read over and over again to get the story....

    keep on!

    love it, your works...


  6. Brilliant story :)) I am sure everyone who reads it will smile at the ending..

    On a serious note, if we are asked such a question how should we answer? Should we be frank and speak our mind? Or should we lie and make a general comment? One really needs tact to handle such 'delicate' situations....

  7. I was expecting a twist in the was a twist alright, but you have made us expect more! :)

  8. u got me scared there for a while towards the end. what wud you do if u see the person sitting on the park bench again?