Monday, September 21, 2009

What I got for my wedding anniversary

Our wedding anniversary fell on a Monday.I decided to surprise my husband Naresh working at Pondicherry by paying a visit to him instead of his coming down to Chennai.It was Saturday.He normally leaves for Chennai at 3pm and I will be there by 10am. I thought we can spend three days in a hotel as we had done a couple of times earlier.In case he wished to spend the weekend at Chennai I was ready to return along with him ..As I was driving my car with my two children, I was lost in the thought of this incomparable man who had all the good qualities that any young woman would wish for.When I met him ten years ago at the University, he was my senior.A very handsome,tall and muscular man , he had the gift of the gab and abundant sense of humour.Many women were falling for him then.An intelligent guy ,he impressed me at the first meeting so much that it turned out to be a case of love at first sight.After two years of serious friendship, we married.We both had good jobs and life was very pleasant.
It was then he was promoted and posted out of Chennai as per his company’s norms.I was a lecturer in a college and could not leave the job.We had some financial and social commitments that we both had to necessarily stay apart.But he managed to come on alternate weekends and our wonderful married life of love and affection continued.We had two children who doted on their father and he in turn showered his affection on them with gifts on each visit and outings to various eateries , parks and places of entertainment.We thus stayed apart for almost eight years.He always came to Chennai instead of my going as he said he was staying with his office colleagues. The two daughters were excited at the prospect of meeting their father and a stay in a hotel
When I reached Pondicherry around 11am, I gave a ring to his office to tell that we are in town and would soon be meeting him at his office.I visualised the immense surprise and joy he would be in at the prospect of meeting us .It was a bit of a shock for me when I heard the operator telling that he had not come to office that day.Though I had not visited him at his place of residence as he was staying with some colleagues,I had a vague memory of his address.When I asked the operator to give the correct door number, she asked me to wait and gave me the full address.
I was a little worried whether he had fallen sick.When I reached the place, I found it to be an apartment in a posh area.When I pressed the bell with my two children in tow, a young lady of my age opened the door.She was strikingly fetching to look at.Two young children were playing behind on the floor.When I asked about Naresh, I could see a trace of bewilderment and confusion.She asked me to come inside.I explained who I was and the object of my visit having been told that he had not attended office.Meanwhile one of her children cried and I turned to see on the wall behind a photo of Naresh with the lady and the two kids.Shocked as I was, I went near.It was unmistakably Naresh.I could see the deception clearly.I was trembling in fear with a sense of anger,shame and being cheated.
The young lady’s face became grim,taut and agitated.But she maintained her calm.I could see she sized up the situation rather quickly.
She said softly ”I think we both have been deceived.I am sorry for you and me too.He has gone out to buy some medicine and is planning to go to Chennai.I never knew he was coming to you people.He had told me that he lost his wife and two children in Tsunami when they were all in a beach resort.The truth seems different.Wait,I hear him coming.”
When Naresh saw me along with children standing by the lady,his face went pale with horror and he stood petrified without uttering one word shifting his eyes from me to her and back repeatedly.He knew he was caught red handed and had no answer.
After a while, he tried to smile and said “Hello, you never told me you are coming.You knew I was coming to Chennai”
His sentence was cut short by the lady ”Stop it,you filthy cheater.You are a cheapster and a dirty liar.You have no understanding of the sanctity of marriage and even when your loving wife and children were alive , you had the temerity to bluff they were dead all in love for this body of mine.Fie upon you.I would never like to set my eyes on you.”
When he turned his face towards me,I said”You had ruined the life of this young person let alone me.Why did you do that.If you had uncontrollable urge, you could have gone to a whore.Why spoil the life of an innocent young one by uttering a lie.Aren’t you ashamed to stand before us?.”
He had the temerity to interject and say ”Yes,I agree there has been a mistake committed by me. I should have been frank and told the truth.What do you want me to do ,now?Having two wives, is it an unpardonable crime?.’
The other lady interrupted to say ”There is nothing that you should do.It is for us to take action.We have to decide on three things
Firstly to hand you over to the police complaining that you have cheated us and committed a bigamy.You will be behind bars.I will not shed a tear for you.If my sister here agrees, this is what I would prefer.You deserve no sympathy
Secondly, whether you are handed over to police or not, you are out of my life for ever.My sister too I hope would not condone your deception.
The thrid is if my sister agrees with me we would like to go to a lawyer to extract from you all your wealth and income after a proper divorce.
I was touched by the fairness and firmness in her statements and could not but agree.I watched her with admiration as she went to the telephone to ring for police.


  1. Good ending to the story. It is better to forget such a relationship and move on. Have a happy time :)

  2. Dear Partha,
    EID MUBARAK!i expected something else as wedding anniversary!:)
    the ending-police no way-when the beautiful ladies,wives,the mothers of his kids are out of his life,nothing more is required as the punishment.a man who has dignity,self respect won't be able to live peacefully.....
    certain happenings bringing twists n turns to life are unanswerable.
    hey,write something about the new life,the comforts,the enjoyment......we are eager to know.:)
    leave him behind n the life must go ahead..........

  3. Good one Sir!

    Climax is quiet pleasing to the imagination.

    But practically what happens in such situations is, instead of getting angry with the man, the women feel jealous and angry about each other!


  4. nice plot..though it culd b guessed dat what gonna happen..was intersting to read ...:)

  5. You had ruined the life of this young person let alone me.Why did you do that.If you had uncontrollable urge, you could have gone to a whore.Why spoil the life of an innocent young one by uttering a lie.Aren’t you ashamed to stand before us?.”

    A question that a good majority of ladies would like to ask their men!

    a nice read...
    with love

  6. holy crap..ignorance was bliss for all 3, and suddenly the knowledge ruined them all..well, im glad both the ladies were on their feet, prompt to take a decision and kick the chap out..he truly deserved it!!

  7. Im indeed impressed by the second lady..this was the right thing to do.

  8. He deserves to be kicked. Jackass.
    I am glad the ladies didn't spare him.

  9. hey,,very sofy ending..:) I didnt expect this ending at all.. hah .. u r very good at ur heart ..:)

    and the lady was of fabulous attitude..

    such kind of guys shall be punished..