Sunday, September 5, 2010

55 word fiction

A few short stories .Can they be called 55 word fiction?
You could see the hunger from the beggar’s eyes .The aroma from the packet of Biriyani found from garbage outside a wedding hall was overwhelming.As he took a small portion to his mouth, he saw the eager eyes of a folded figure before him.’Come on,let us share’he said as he pushed the packet before him

New to the city,she rushed for her blind date.Unable to locate Dreamland hotel she asked the man for directions.’Followme,I am heading there’ he said.How handsome and desirable ,she thought.The man went to reception counter while she headed for the reserved table.Ina few moments,the handsome guy approached her asking ‘Are you Suneeta? I am Naresh.’
Police telephoned that their car had met with accident and wanted her to identify the body.Her husband had left in the car for Pondy.
“Is it your husband?
“No” Sanju said with some relief
“Who is that then?”
Her mobile rang.”Sanju,I came by bus asking my friend to bring the car that had broken down.

‘Do you wish to have our wedding picture?’ he showed the framed photo
‘No, you may throw it in garbage’ she replied
‘What else you wish to take?’
“I will take the is loyal to me’she replied
She was leaving having won the divorce suit on charge of adultery.

It was pitch dark everywhere.Yet he could see scary faces-faces with no nose, some with no mouth,and others with no eyes.They were staring at him and were closing in on him.Panic hit him
‘Sister, come here quickly’he cried
The nurse came near and covered his face with white sheet


  1. I really love this novel idea of a story with just 55 words. The stories, though short, have so much explanation. There is lot of depth in each story. Very well written. My personal favorites are loyalty and panic.
    Very well written.

  2. I like the panic one the best! Great :)

  3. Excellent Idea :) :) Beautiful Write Up :) :)

  4. Plenty said, in just a few words. Wonderful!

  5. so far i thought K P = stories with twist...
    but this one is ohhhh superb...

  6. I love "Compassion". Well-written, KP.

  7. You've got beautiful short stories, 55 fiction...though I tried once, I dunno really how a 55 fiction should be.

    But nice attempts KP!

    Check mine here: I wrote one once:

  8. Dear uncle,
    The best of yours...Hats off to you for this wonderful narration.Brevity in its most charming looks..
    love n wishes

  9. Hi! Kp,

    short & sweet,
    shows u r great.:)
    nicely put sir...

  10. Superb all were awesome :D going through all your work :D loving it!!! you are superb KP!!!