Monday, September 6, 2010

55 word fiction

Paid in same coin
It was a long queue.An old man offered Satyan free a Rs.500 ticket for special darsan saying it was spare as friend did not come.. Satyan insisted on his taking the money..
The security stopped Satyan saying 'it is fake ticket.Never buy from outside'
Elsewhere the cashier returned the note to old man saying it is counterfiet


  1. Immediate justice! Maybe because both the acts of cheating were connected to "darshan". Perhaps, He wanted them to mend their ways.
    I see Him in this story. Thanks, KP. Best wishes :)

  2. aye! there is always someone waiting to make an easy buck off your hard earn money. Unfortunately I think this is an experience all of us have share at one point or another.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. very good example of 55 word fiction

  4. very good:) always gives you back in the same coin.

  5. Dear Partha,
    Good Evening!
    I think,your first attempt in 55 word fiction.
    Short and sweet with a good moral.
    How is DELHI?I;m back today morning.
    Wishing you a pleasant stay at the capital city,

  6. wow..very nice. in 55words you have presented the current picture of today's world. crisp and 'hit on the bull's eye'. :)

    Thanks a lot for dropping by my place sir. hope to get your constant support in future too.

  7. nice attempt at 55 fiction, now you're trying your hand on different prose, not just short stories!

    admirable attempt KP! :)

  8. As you shall sow so shall you reap :)

  9. bagvaan teri maaya...
    tit for tat...isnt it sir..