Sunday, September 19, 2010

Misfired romance

Raju born among six sisters was a timid man.Even his wife often chided him ‘to behave like a man, stand up to bullies and be counted in a crowd.’ Her constant bickering made him diffident.She was a well built woman of great charm while Raju was frail and small structured.Though they had two kids, she was not fully happy and often quarreled with him in the nights.But Raju was a good provider meeting all her wishes in clothes and jewelry.Life was humdrum with each day being no different with the other.While Raju slogged late hours in office, his wife was left sulking before TV that never caught her fancy.She needed company,affection and pampering.

One day when he came unexpectedly early from work in the midday when the children were away at school, he found to his deep dismay his wife in bed with a stodgy neighbour.He was shocked but left the room without uttering one word.The man left hurriedly and the woman came down long after pleading for mercy and pardon.He did not open his mouth much to the chagrin of his wife.She sulked more.Raju became quiet not knowing to assert himself.

When he started coming home at unexpected hours on different days only to catch them in compromising position, he decided to put an end to this deception.He got a pistol and hid it in pant.He told his wife he was not feeling well and that he would like to take a day off and sleep. She agreed and after lunch gave him a hot drink of horlicks telling that it would make him sleep well.

Suddenly he woke up after a couple of hours and remembering the purpose of his absence from work,he felt for the pistol in his pocket.Assured that he would teach the culprits a fitting lesson,he tiptoed to bed room.As expected he saw them in the bed in a disgusting manner..He slowly took the pistol and fired two shots point blank at them.But they continued in their amorous merry making unruffled.

He shouted at his wife”Don’t you have an iota of shame? When I am here standing by your side ,the two of you still persist with the shameless act.You rascal,get lost before I shoot you’

They did not seem to be bothered at all and became more passinate.He tried to pull his wife away from that scoundrel but he could not.He wondered why.

It was then she giggled saying to her lover 'No more worry from that skinny man, my dear.I gave him horlicks laced with insecticde.He must be dead by now.Dont come for a few days till they pronounce it as a suicide.’

She was unaware of a suicide note left by Raju why he was taking away his life by the same pistol he planned to use against his wife and her secret lover.


  1. Seriously such women are a disgrace.

  2. good story! To what length can one go to achieve her desire!

  3. It always takes two to tango. To create a mess such as this, both husband and wife have much to be responsible and accountable for... if each were to review their respective attitudes and behavior in the marriage.

    I see your writing as not only about telling stories but as a glance or insight into character flaws in people.. and too life situations which many can draw lessons from.