Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sadism at its height

It was clear thatt the four men who were dragging him had evil intentionsThere were a crowd of people watching as if they were in erstwhile Roman arena .He knew he would be hacked to death by the vile men very soon in the most cruel manner.Yet not a single person had the guts to stop such brazen kiilling in public even as women and children were walking around. It can be anybody’s turn tomorrow..People were dumb and powerless.The government was indiferrent and unable to curb the menace due to vested interests.All his wails and screams were of no avail as the blood spluttered around on the floor

Who bothers about a goat offered in sacrifice?


  1. yes indeed who bothers about sacrifice of goats or for that matter any other animal...

    story almost leads one to think it is a man...

  2. BTW goat is feminine gender so you should not use he for it.

  3. I thought you were up to something serious, but then why cant it be? Animals have lives too…
    This is a nice one sir.. liked it… you have brought up an issue here…in ur own fashion…

  4. True who bothers about animal killing? yesterday there was a debate in Neeyaa Naana vijay TV on this... Everyone claim it correct to kill animals