Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A faint gesture

Ranjit had beer daily in the evenings with his friends at the local restaurent.They occupied the same corner table and shared the bill equally. It was the same charming bar girl who served them daily.May be this could be the reason why they never changed the table.It was a daily ritual. But she never spoke one unnecessary word though courteous.Her large blue eyes and her swaying hips did something to Ranjit that can hardly be explained and he knew he was in love with her.But she never encouraged any advances from him. Ranjit was not defeated and his visits continued hoping someday she would relent.
One day as she was bringing the tray with bottles, glasses and ice, she accidentally dropped the napkin .Ranjit pounced on it and gave it to her with a flourish.She took it from him with a thanks accompanied by a smile along with what he presumed as a faint wink unseen by others.
Ranjit was overwhelmed by joy as he announced with gusto ‘Today’s beer binge will be on me.Drink as much as you wish’.His puzzled buddies wondered what went wrong with their usually tight fisted friend.


  1. Lols! I hope the charming bar girl doesn't give every other guy she fancies that secret wink as a habit. It's an open secret that bar girls too have their own 'tools of the trade'. :-)

  2. Dear Partha,
    Good Morning!
    Some people live in the world of illusions.Each one has her/his self respect.
    Let us encourage the youth to go creative and do something useful for the society!
    You got a good image.
    So,one short story daily?:)
    Wishing you a lovely day,

  3. Read all the stories that I had missed...great job!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Blessings.......

    The possibility of love reciprocated is what happened. Though I fear his actions may have been a bit presumptious. However one does have to at times live in the moment as what is to come will come and one will have to face it come what may.

    good one.....
    Have a blessed day.