Monday, September 27, 2010

We did not harass

‘Did you harass your wife for dowry?’ asked the lawyer
‘No,I did not’ said the youngman.he seemed calm and collected
‘What is the reason for her suicide?’
‘I don’t know’
‘You are her husband.How come you are not aware?
‘She didn’t discuss with me about this
There was an audible laughter in the court.
‘Did you start a new company?’
‘Yes,I did’
‘Who financed it?”
‘Mainly the bank and my savings’
‘Was it sufficient?’
‘Is your wife a partner?’
‘Has she invested any amount?
‘She promised to muster her share’
‘How much?’
‘Rs.10 lakhs’
‘Was she working anywhere?’
‘No she was a housewife’
‘Wherefrom was she expecting to muster?
‘I don’t know’
‘Has she any friends or relatives to help her financially/’
‘Wherefrom she expected to muster? She must have told you’
‘Yes, I remember her telling that she would ask her dad’
‘Was her dad in an affluent position to give?’
‘No, he was not wealthy but had a tiled house’
‘Was your wife his only child?’
‘No, he has four children’
‘How can he then help her/’
‘Don’t know.May be by selling the house?’
‘You mean the house where he was living with his wife and children”
The defendant was quiet
‘Answer the question’
‘That was the only way’
Did your company need her share of money urgently?’
‘Did you ask her to bring it quickly?’
‘Yes, I did’
‘When was that?’
‘One year back’
‘Did she bring?’
‘So you had to remind her frequently’
‘Yes, the money was urgently required’
‘Did you send her to her dad’s house to bring the money?’
‘When she said she would go, I permitted her’
‘Did she ask to go almost daily?’
‘She had to request her dad for help’
‘If she did not go, did you suggest that she go?’
‘May be’’’
‘Did she go in her kast 10 days/’
‘No, she did not’
‘Did she refuse?’
The defendant was quiet
Answer the question
‘Was there a loud argument over this as your neighbours allege?’
‘Yes, we were discussing’
‘Still she refused?’
The defendant kept quiet
Answer the question’ the judge ordered
‘Did your parents and brother also join in the argument/’
Again silence from defendant
‘Yes, they advised her’
‘Advised her, what?’
‘Advised her to get her share of the money’
‘Did her dad agree to give before you started the company?’
‘So the pressure on your wife to get the money mounted in the last ten days of her life’
Especially after her refusal.Any response?’
Continued silence
‘We did not harass’
‘Did your wife smoke’’
Do you smoke?’
‘Yes, I do’
‘Are you aware that many burnt cigarette marks were there on her face, belly and thighs?
Silence again

The lawyer said ‘I rest my case your honouur’


  1. smart lawyer...could get it done in his own way...admire him really

  2. In fact he did not harass; just advised his wife and his wife kept working on her husband's advise subsequently to realize that she could not do it. Wife is as responsible for the act as responsible is husband. She cannot be said to be abetted by husband to commit suicide, perhaps husband did not have lawyer at his side.

  3. Dear Partha,
    Good Morning!
    I am at my work now.I am not sure whether I will be able to do the comment once reaching home.
    My pc is again giving problems.
    Partha I have started loving life a lot.So,please let your characters suffer but not give them and end to life.
    Between,my people and friends always tell me,''Anu,you should have been a lawyer!''I don't give in easily.:)
    Partha,I appreciate your attitude that the culprit should be punished.
    Wishing you a beautiful day,

  4. Lawyers can get even the innocent to look guilty, with the way they frame their questions, expecting just one-word answers in response. Well in this case, looks like the party was actually guilty, albeit the lawyer couldn't get him to confess he's guilty, though the circumstances pointed to the fact he could be guilty. Nice way to present a story :)

  5. are you a lawyer? you sound like one in this must be!

    an interesting story done in a unique way, in a judge' sala...

    the interrogation is superb...reminds me of one which happened recently

  6. Very well-written, Parthasarathi.
    Yes, justice will be done, God-willing. But I wish, she had not killed herself.

    Best wishes.