Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Lord in a quandary

Lord Krishna was in a quandary.He had urgent calls from two sets of people needing His help.But He decided to answer one of the prayers though He could have done many.Who is to question God’s will?

There was the mother weeping outside the surgery room praying for her son’s life.A virtuous and pious boy, he deserved to live long.

There was the urgent summons again from thousands of men to save the life of their notoriously bad neta(leader).They were all atheists questioning His existence and taunting Him on every occasion.But they prayed now when doctors had given up to save their neta’who was murderously attacked.

The Lord was in a fix.Should he listen to the wail of the good mother or the prayers of horde of non- believers.He was sad for a while when He looked at the woman but smiled when He saw the miserable crowd..

Soon the good mom let out a scream when her son was declared dead.The crowd around the neta burst crackers in jubilation when he was said to be out of danger in what was considered a miracle.

Why is God so partial, I wondered.My little mind could only fathom out this reason.Possibly He had taken the virtuous young man to His heaven ridding him of birth and death cycle while by saving neta’s life He would have converted the thousands into believers and let the wicked neta stew more in his world of evil.


  1. one man's sorrow other man's gain...
    oh he did attend to both in the way deemed fit...

  2. Life is always like a riddle, Some times we do find the nice , good people suffering and the non- believers getting away with what ever they can.Then it blamed to Poorvajanma dosha. I don't understand all this.may be I would learn all this in my next Janma.

  3. Its a puzzle that leaves many pindering. Why God does certain things is sometimes surprising.

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  5. Really interesting thought.......Its just the faith that keeps us going.

  6. Namaste....
    hmmmmmmmmm, well the Divine knows best though "we" would debate it at best because see the wicked as less deserving and believe that the righteous should be spared.

    It is said that the Divine knows our true destiny and we are not given more than we can carry. Thus if what is to come is too much for us to bare then he will spare us.

    Sometimes the decietful, evil, canniving man once restored and regained or gained the countinance of God has the power to convience many, to lead many, to bring forth many to the promise land....

    or so "they" say.
    Nicely written

  7. I liked the story, The reasoning was apt.
    Whatever happens, happens for the best
    The leader was destined to be mired with more evil & the boy blessed.
    You know many a time, when I feel let down, I think why me? but then I
    think he knows best.
    the only consolation is that, at least it was not worse off. Thank you GOD!

  8. What happens to the mother? Perhaps there is no greater sorrow than for a good parent to lose his/her child.

    Krishna will have the answer, I am sure.

  9. We have a saying in Tamil,"Ellam Nannmaikke" meaning everything is for the good. This story fits this saying but it takes a philosopher to understand this. Yes the neta was save and new believers were born but were some devotees lost in the process too? God only knows(this too)!!!!!